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Not-So-Great Scots

Max is doing this one, and so is Bates, who says he's never held bagpipes before. Unlike so many of us. They head inside and each pick out a teacher, who leads them away to change clothes while Bates shares that he's half-Scottish. Good thing he's doing this one instead of Anthony, then. Once Max is all kitted out in Scottish formalwear, he's predictably insecure about wearing a kilt, saying that what he wore under it "will forever remain a secret." Cosigned. Off in some side room, his teacher blows into the mouthpiece and continues squeezing the bag so that the note keeps coming out even when he's not blowing. He hands the instrument over to Max. Bates tells us that he "kept the old undies on" for this, and given that his backpack is probably still somewhere in Switzerland, they are probably indeed old.

In the waiting area, neither Katie nor Anthony knows what became of Caroline and Jennifer. That team does eventually arrive in third place, probably smelling of charred brake shoes, but Caroline's pretty excited to get to play bagpipes. Meanwhile, Max gets tired of wasting time practicing. He joins a group of pipers to march around the balcony and gets it right on the first try, so he and Katie are still in first place when they get their next clue: "Search the fireplaces at Craigmillar Castle for your next clue." Now Bates is giving the piping a try, interviewing that it takes a lot of lung capacity. Even with the bag? From down below, Jennifer cheers him on, but Anthony jokingly puts a hand over her mouth. "I don't want him to mess up," he explains as she laughs. So the relationship is progressing, then, seeing as Anthony didn't just lose a finger.

In further encouraging news, Bates didn't mess up, so the brothers get to continue on in second place... except that after both lead teams run back across the grounds of Gosford House to their cars, the brothers actually get out of there first due to how the cars are parked. More advanced race strategy from Anthony! In the cars, both Bates and Max talk about having enjoyed the task and the challenge. By now, Caroline is kilted up and joining the regiment. But on her first circuit, she loses the tone and the leader calls a halt. Going back to the start, Caroline explains that her lips are too dry to wrap around the mouthpiece. Now who wants to make out with her? Jennifer's starting to seem a little worried, saying they're in third place and the teams behind them are probably just landing. "So it would be nice to get out of here before they get here."

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