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Right on cue, the second flight is shown landing, and Meghan says, "I feel good. Basically we're in first." Sure, just keep thinking that. Beth interviews after the leg, "We were feeling really excited that we had finally done something right in an airport." Of course, when they find the provided cars there are only two of them left, so Beth concludes, "and it was short-lived." As the two lagging teams get into their cars, Joey & Meghan following the derby moms, Beth speculates that the other teams must have gotten on a better flight. You think? "It's definitely possible that we are going to get U-Turned now," Joey says. You also think? After the ads, these two teams are adjusting to the new reality, which, as much as they like each other, is probably going to mean racing each other for last place. This is what happens when you assume the other teams in the race are as lame as you would be in that situation.

On the other hand, Caroline is now on her sixth attempt at the bagpipe task, so that's not good for her. Her mouth is worn out and she's starting to weep tears of frustration while calling excuses and apologies down to Jennifer. Who in turn calls back up to tell her to calm down. For the seventh attempt, Jennifer watches nervously from below as Caroline restarts the circuit. "Halfway," one of the bagpipers on the ground floor murmurs to Jennifer. This is actually kind of a suspenseful edit, but finally Caroline makes it the rest of the way around and collapses to her knees in relief. She says brightly after the leg, "I have found my husband in Scotland. His name is Jim. I think he's seventy. If he wouldn't have been there, along with my best friend Jen, I don't know if I would have made it through the day." I wonder how Bates or Anthony will react to this news, depending on which one of them gets her.

Actually, they've got other things on their mind right now as they reach Craigmillar Castle. Unlike the ornate palace that was Gosford House, this looks like a much older structure, and clearly no longer habitable. It's also a castle in the more military sense, comprising a high stone wall surrounding a giant grey cube plunked down on the heath, as though the ancient Romans or Borg took it upon themselves to assimilate the Picts or whatnot. The brothers run in through the gate, where the Speed Bump sign stands waiting for Mona & Beth, and start hunting through the ruins. There are huge fireplaces in almost every gutted room (another sign that this place dates back to at least the days before Owens-Corning fiberglass insulation), and they find the clue up inside the chimney of one that's big enough for both of them to stand inside. It's for a Detour: "Tasty Puddin'" or "Whiskey Rollin'." Well, that sounds win-win.

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