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But here's Phil to bring us down. He's standing in an otherwise empty pub, holding up a glass of scotch and a plate of haggis, saying they'll either deliver one or prepare the other. For "Tasty Puddin," they'll stuff an ox's intestine with various internal organs (all of which are helpfully labeled "liver," "lungs," "heart," "fat," etc.), plus oats and seasonings. Each racer will have to make four portions and then taste some to get their next clue. Let me just say that when I was in Edinburgh, I passed up the opportunity to try haggis, even though it was right there on the buffet. For "Whiskey Rollin'," they'll roll eight barrels of whiskey two hundred yards up a narrow, cobblestoned alley and on to a festival in progress, where "a Scottish country dancer (in traditional garb, naturally) will hand them their next clue." Bates & Anthony decide to go with the latter because otherwise what's the point of being brawny?

Max & Katie arrive at Craigmillar Castle after the brothers have already left, and also notice the Speed Bump sign. "Sucks to be you," Max says sympathetically to the absent derby moms. They start working their way through the castle, finding another clue in an upstairs chimney. Max decides to go with the Puddin', in order to separate themselves from Bates & Anthony. That should work.

The derby moms arrive at Gosford House, closely followed by Team YouTube. All four of them are impressed enough by the place and the bagpipe band on the steps to temporarily forget about how deeply and comprehensively screwed they are right now. Mona and Meghan are taking this, and Meghan's pretty confident, having played the trumpet in school for six years. I bet she played more than one note during that time, though. Mona remains concerned about how she and Beth still have both a Speed Bump and a U-Turn coming up. As she should be.

This leg must require a lot of driving around Scotland because the sun's already getting low as the country singers arrive at Craigmillar Castle. But then winter days must be pretty short at that high latitude. Caroline & Jennifer begin hunting through the fireplaces. And hunting. And hunting. Meanwhile, an Amazing Cameraman finds one tucked up inside a chimney that they missed. Listen, racers, I've said this a dozen times before: if you're looking for something that should be obvious, watch the camera guys.

Bates & Anthony arrive in a quaint little town whose signs identify it as Duddingston Village. Someone has added some official-looking signs to the stone wall marking Old Church Lane, pointing to Whiskey Rollin' on the left and Tasty Puddin' on the right. The signs also pop out at the brothers when they look at them, through the magic of video editing. After following the sign pointing left, the brothers get a load of the barrels scattered in a yard and start rolling them up a hill, one brother per barrel, estimating their weight at about a hundred pounds each. Or, in more practical terms, one member of Team YouTube. At the top of the hill, Anthony helps Bates heave one up on his shoulders to carry it down the main street, past the charmingly named Sheep Heid Inn, and around to another courtyard where a canopy is set up for the little festival that I'm sure would totally be going on, complete with traditional costumes, even if the race weren't here.

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