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Not-So-Great Scots

At Gosford House, Mona and Meghan are both preparing for the Roadblock. Mona makes her attempt first, hoping to snatch a bit of lead time. In the waiting area, Joey remarks to Beth that playing bagpipes is supposed to take a lot of... something. "A lot of hot air," Beth agrees, "which she has." Mona's piping squad starts playing, as does she, but she loses the note before they've even begun marching. Meanwhile, Meghan's bagpipe instructor keeps blowing on her mouthpiece and then giving it back to her to blow into without even wiping it off. "I basically made out with that guy," Meghan interviews. "We exchanged saliva; things got real intimate." That's pretty funny, but given that she probably hasn't gotten much action on the race it might also be kind of true. Don't worry, though; she's unlikely to catch anything from him, given that Scottish saliva is generally anywhere from 120 to 140 proof.

After managing to make her bagpipe emit some painful, random honks, Mona gets it going well enough to start marching with her squad around the balcony. She makes it to the end and jumps up and down, saying it was really hard. I bet the hardest part was not knocking down the other pipers she was doing the lap with. They get the clue sending them to Craigmillar Castle, leaving Meghan in last place. Not being a particularly strapping girl, she seems to be having trouble mustering either the necessary lung capacity to fill the bag or arm strength to maintain pressure on it. "No go," she says before the ads. Which means she may be reduced to marching around holding her nose and going "EEEEEEEE" before this is over.

Instead, Meghan decides to go out and give it a try, with no confidence whatsoever. But she manages to get a tone going after all, and follows her squad out around the balcony, hunched over as though she's trying to push an internal organ back in (and sounding not unlike same), eventually succeeding in making a circuit. In fact, when they return to the starting point, she keeps blowing until her instructor puts a hand on her shoulder to signal that she can stop. She and Joey get their clue and head out in last place, knowing they're facing elimination if they don't hurry up. And possibly even if they do.

Bates & Anthony set their last two barrels down on the main street for a rest, Bates saying he feels like they're the Greek gods holding up the world. "We have the same body, so..." Finally they get the last barrel in place, almost rolling it over the country dancer in the process. But she backs out of the way, avoiding a pulverized ankle, and hands them their clue, which tells them to find their way to Duddingston Kirk to find their next clue. And, no doubt, that big Double U-Turn sign.

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