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Max & Katie are still carefully making their haggis, tying off sections and listening to Burns's increasingly epic poem and actually looking forward to trying some. The chef approves their work, and Burns remarks, "The proof is in the eating." So they get to cut into a finished, warm one and try it out. Which they turn out to really enjoy, almost so much that they don't want to leave off eating to accept their clue. But eventually they do, as well as Burns's congratulations, in second place.

Bates & Anthony reach Duddingston Kirk, which has a big old Double U-Turn sign in the entrance. As you probably know and most racers probably don't, "kirk" is another word for "church," and I have to say it's a little odd to see a giant U-Turn sign right inside the entrance, dominating the foyer. It's like, "Welcome to God's house, now whom do you want to screw?" For Bates & Anthony, the answer to that question is team YouTube, and they'll let someone else in their alliance zap Mona & Beth. They touch the screen to make it official, and get a clue sending them to the Pit Stop, which is Niddry Street South, in Edinburgh's Old Town. "This cobblestoned alleyway is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race," Phil says, standing on a spot I may or may not have visited on a ghost tour about 16 years ago. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." They'd bloody well better. Bates & Anthony leave the church and then Max & Katie arrive, where they quickly take in the situation and U-Turn Mona & Beth. "Tough luck," Max says, heartbreakingly empathetic as always.

In the car on the way to the Pit Stop, Katie says the last two teams will have to fight over elimination. "I kinda want Meghan and Joey to go home first but either one works for me," she says complacently. Max adds that he isn't shedding any tears. Yes, we've noticed that about you.

Robert Burns is in mid-poem when the country singers ask him to tell them a little more about the 1700s. So I guess they made it here. He volunteers that he was born in 1759, and they flirt that they like their men a little older. "Nice and seasoned," Caroline adds. "Bit like the haggis," he agrees. Way to stay out of trouble there, Robbie.

Mona & Beth make it to Craigmillar Castle and find the Speed Bump waiting for them. We cut to Phil walking between the lanes of a tiny bowling alley, explaining how since the derby moms came in last for the previous leg, they must now complete a Speed Bump. Specifically, "Play Skittles." It looks a lot like bowling, except the balls have no holes. That means players have to roll the ball from the palm of their hands, the way my friend Chao does voluntarily for no reason I can ever understand. Also, apparently a strike is called a flora in this version of the game. "Once Mona & Beth score a flora," Phil says, suavely doing so, "they can continue racing and try to catch up with the other teams." Fortunately for them, there's a guy near the castle gate who's able to give them directions to where they'll have to do the Speed Bump. "It's the oldest pub in Edinburgh," he adds, in which case it's certainly been kept up well. The derby moms get back in their car and head out.

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