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Elsewhere, a cheery Kelly and Jon are approaching the pit stop. Welcome, Kelly and Jon, you are team number three. They low-five, this time poo-free.

Reichen and Chip, currently in front of the remaining teams, reach The Smoker. "Is this the smoker?" Chip asks. "Yep, look at him smoking," Reichen says. He does know the guy's smoking fish, right? I'm just going to assume he does. Reichen takes the Roadblock. Monica and Sheree arrive just then, having recovered nicely from their stuck-in-the-mud moment. Monica voices over that she and Sheree kept running into the Chipsters all day, and the teams couldn't shake each other. The Falconettes immediately assign the task to Sheree.

As Reichen walks down into the pit of eels, I am again struck by the fact that although they keep cutting to shots of many, many frantic eels all a-wiggling, the ones you can actually see in the same shot as Reichen do not appear to be moving at all. I don't know how long eels live in the bottom of a boat, but they do not appear to be too feisty, if you get my drift. "Do they get pissed when you touch 'em?" Reichen says -- I think because he's wondering how this is a Roadblock when none of the eels is moving. I see almost no eel movement while either Sheree or Reichen does this task. I don't want to say anything, but I'm not sure this episode would qualify for the usual "no eels were harmed in the making of this episode" disclaimer. A few may be clinging to their last moments, but for the most part, it's all over for the eels. Anyway, Sheree and Reichen both retrieve twenty-five not-very-lively eels with no difficulty. Both teams run off toward their cars. "Reichen, can we follow you?" Sheree asks. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Reichen calls back. See that? It's The Low-Key Alliance of Falconettes and Chipsters. In fact, Reichen says in an interview that the Falconettes are the only team he trusts at all.

Tian and Jaree's World Tour of Extreme Pain. "I'd like for you to read that map," Jaree says in a cross voice. "Well, if you can show me where it is, then you can just drive there," Tian says, apparently sarcastically, though this was a weird place to break into this conversation. It sounds like Jaree sees the place on the map, but wants Tian to follow on the map while she drives. Jaree says she can't keep looking back and forth between the road and the map, because that makes her miss the turns. Tian puts her head in her hand in the back seat, having pretty much shut down for the day. Jaree repeats in an interview her allegation that Tian was trying to sabotage them on purpose, because she refused to read the map while Jaree was driving. I'm not sure if it's on purpose, exactly; it's just very bizarre. Back in the car, the fighting continues. "You're just so uncooperative, and I don't understand why," Jaree says. "You're the evil one right now," Tian says. Very calmly, Jaree says, "I could rip your head off right now, you have no idea. You're so evil." Tian, from the back seat: "I never wanted to hurt you or...." Jaree: "I do. I want to hurt you right now." Wow, that got ugly. I think Tian's complete breakdown sort of surprised them both.

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