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2:41 AM. Al and ClownJon, and Millie and Chuck. (Note how tiny Tian and Jaree's FF-driven lead was. In part, that's what you get for taking a Fast Forward late in the leg.) There is entirely too much enthused hooting going on as the International Society of Clowns and Virgins runs off the mat. And who is that that makes the "ay ay ay" Speedy Gonzalez noise all the time? Is that Millie? Stop that, whoever you are. I'm not offended or anything; it just makes me really want Mexican food. In an interview, Millie gets things off to a foreboding start by defying Kelly's description of her as "too happy." In fact, she doesn't seem happy at all. "I feel like Chuck doesn't even know me in some ways," she says. Snerk. You know, you'd think that a couple in their situation would have a list on the backs of their hands of Double-Entendre Land Mines to Avoid, but if they do, she forgot to consult it. Millie and Chuck both look utterly miserable in this interview, as she goes on to say that she's traveled and done a lot of things, and Chuck just doesn't seem to "respect" that. Which appears to mean, "I know how things should be done, and he won't listen to me." Criminy. You can't expect people to do whatever you tell them to do just because you tell them to do it, even if you think you know more than they do. ["Oh, sure, now you tell me." -- Sars] Over in the clown car, ClownJon wisely voices over that they're trying not to pay attention to other teams; they're just trying to do well and always run the race like they're in last place. "Push, push, push," he says in an interview. What's this? A goofball attitude and intelligent racing? Hmm, seems promising.

2:45 AM. Monica and Sheree. There is not a word about their husbands this week (yay!), as Monica states simply that they're "still getting along great." In the car on the way there, we hear Monica voice over that they never yell at each other or demean each other, no matter what happens. She then interviews that they wouldn't mind seeing Tian not around anymore, but it's really hard to tell whether that's personal or strategic. It seems like she's saying Tian is nasty, but she also might be saying Tian is tough. It's cut funny, so it's hard to tell.

At the Marseilles airport, the tough but nasty Tian is checking on the Air France counter, which is closed, what with it being the middle of the night. The guy advises her that it will be open around 5:00 AM.

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