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In brighter news, the Air France folks land on the ground at 11:02. Kelly and BuffJon get out of the airport in first place, a hair ahead of Tian and Jaree. I would note that Tian and Jaree have rented a luggage cart to carry their packs through the airport, and have started to stroll rather listlessly themselves. I won't say what I fear they have come down with, but it rhymes with "Filler Katigue."

At 11:05, the British Airways flight lands in Amsterdam. The Falconettes, Chipsters, and ISCV hustle off the plane in that order. The ISCV splits up, however, because Millie and Chuck heed the lesson of The Estrogen Brigade Fiasco and choose to take a taxi from the airport to the bridge, while everybody else, including ClownJon and Al, goes for the train. Tian and Jaree ask at an information desk for some advice about whether it's "easier" to take a taxi or a train into the city, and the guy tells them that a taxi is "a lot more expensive." Can I ask why anyone even has this conversation with ground transportation guys? Is it news that as a general rule, taxis are more expensive and faster, while trains are less expensive and slower? Is it not missing the point to take the train because it's cheaper? Perhaps I'm thinking too hard. It has been known to happen. Anyway, the Falconettes, Chipsters, Kelly and BuffJon, and the clowns all wind up on the same train out of the airport. Tian and Jaree, however, dawdle buying a map and dawdle generally, so the train hurtles off without them, leaving them standing on the platform, firmly in last place among the teams that have already made it to Amsterdam.

Millie watches from the window of her cab as she and Chuck drive right along beside the train, just edging it out on the trip into the city. She repeats that the information she got was that the taxi would be faster, because it could go right to the bridge, while the train would ultimately go past the bridge, forcing teams to double back. Chuck is first to spot the bridge as they taxi through town, so they stop the cab and hop out. They run to the clue box at the edge of the bridge and pull the clue, which tells them to choose one of the metal boats in the river and drive themselves to the Scheepvaart Museum, which is dedicated, as Phil explains, to "the nautical history of Holland." Unfortunately, the teams probably will not have time for the educational filmstrip. Millie and Chuck hop in a boat.

Elsewhere, the train stops and four teams hop out.

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