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Hayden and Aaron are running around looking for the tai chi people, and Nuance is in their cab, where Kendra is having a good crow over her accomplishment. "We yielded the little ones, Adam and Rebecca, for a little payback," she says happily. I think it's safe to say that had this leg ended differently (ahem), Kendra would have felt mighty silly about facing Kris and Jon in the final three instead of Hornio. I relish revenge as much as the next person, but that move did seem downright silly. In the Kris and Jon cab, Jon is telling Kris how lucky they were that "Freddy's ego" (which he doesn't realize should actually be "Kendra's ego") forced Nuance to make the less strategic decision to Yield Hornio. In the Nuance cab, though, when Kendra asks whether perhaps they should have Yielded Kris and Jon, Freddy tells her he's perfectly happy with their choice. Because really, what's he going to say now? And who couldn't be happy at foiling Hornio, whether it was the best possible choice or not?

Finally, Rebecca lowers herself toward the ground so that they can think about leaving.

Hayden and Aaron are still running, still looking for the tai chi. Kris and Jon talk about how they're going to find the masters, and Jon says with a smile, "You do tai chi on them or something," and she laughs. "Can you handle that?" she snaps with a grin, doing her best Ben Stiller with the karate chopping, straight out of the end of Meet the Parents. Of course, she took a lot of shit this week for having said "Hi-ya!" or something like that in some kind of silly accent, which she didn't. Oh, and tai chi -- at least certain types -- certainly do have to do with combat and self-defense,'s remarkable how many arguments could be saved by the combination of Google and TiVo.

Meanwhile, a cab driver is telling El Hornio, "I English very small." Hee. Believe me, dude, you'll still be ahead of a lot of reality show contestants, because they English even smaller. El Hornio tells the driver to get ready to go when Rebecca appears, and he sets up to put the bags in the car. I have to say, that was very organized, especially for him. I think he functions better when she's separated from him by some distance and some ropes. And a helmet. Something they might want to keep in mind for the future.

Hayden and Aaron begin to make their way along the rows of white-clad tai chi folks, wondering who the four masters are. They don't have special superhero masks on or anything, so the only way to know seems to be to ask.

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