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El Hornio calls out to Rebecca that he got a taxi as she slides down to the bottom. She lands, they open the clue, and they hop in their cab.

Hayden and Aaron approach several people until they hit upon one who does indeed have a clue, which is instantly provided to them upon request. The clue tells them to use an enclosed map to get to the end of Jiang Pu Road. There, they'll find a clue box. Hayden and Aaron get a cab. As they do, Nuance is arriving at the monument. They begin to question people for clues. Kris and Jon are close behind, finally making it to the monument after their least eventful cab ride of the day. When Kendra finally finds the "master" with the clue, Freddy does his usual weird thing where he touches his forehead to the shoulder of the person he's thanking. I really do think that's a little touchy to use all around the world, there, Fred. I mean, you could do it with me, but that doesn't mean it's appropriate everywhere. They read the next clue. Kris and Jon, however, seem not to be at the right part of the park or whatever it is, so they're not quite catching up at this point.

Hayden and Aaron order their cab to go faster.

Finally, Kris and Jon spot all the tai chi going on, and they head down there to check in. After several false starts, they finally find a master who has a clue for them. They thank her profusely, and then they head out and get in a cab. Before they get in, Jon says, "Jiang Pu Road?" and the driver says, "Okay, okay, okay." In the Nuance cab, Freddy is admitting that he doesn't know for sure whether their driver knows where he's going. He just wants to get to the next place "in a timely fashion." By which he means "quickly," but that would be too easy, and wouldn't make him sound smart. I immediately begin to suspect that he has legal training.

Hornio starts hunting for the tai chi masters.

Hayden and Aaron pull up in their cab at what they're thinking is the end of the road. And indeed, they make a run and find it. Aaron says, "Detour!" in a funny voice, and I love a funny voice. Phil explains that in the first option, Bricks, each of you carries 300 bricks along a plank and then over to a platform, all using a traditional carrier you put over your shoulders, from which the bricks will hang down. This task takes strength, but not much navigating. In Ice, you each bike a block of ice to a specific location. Then you break up the blocks and put them into a tub. It won't take strength, but it could be time-consuming. On the basis that the ice sounds "very complicated," Hayden and Aaron decide to do the bricks instead.

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