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In the Jon and Kris cab, he's expressing his anger over the driver having said, "Okay, okay, okay," when obviously, as he says, "it's, like, ten blocks in the wrong direction, okay, okay. It's not okay, okay." And of course he took some shit this week for either making that up, which he didn't, since the driver said "okay, okay, okay" when they got in the cab, or for saying it in some kind of accent, which he didn't.

Hayden notes that they've done 148 of their bricks. Freddy tells them as he passes them that it would actually be easier if they would "use less bricks," by which he means "fewer bricks," but he's still right. Among other things, too many bricks gives you Hayden and her Festival of Whining, and even if that didn't disrupt your efficiency, it's something I think it's safe to say anyone would avoid if at all possible.

Kris and Jon have now figured out that their driver "totally overshot it," which is how they got so lost.

Hayden is still complaining about how much the bricks weigh, telling Aaron that she's carrying too many. Why she thinks she lacks the authority to just PUT SOME DOWN, I do not know, but she doesn't do that. She just keeps doing what he apparently wanted her to do and bitching the entire time. I just fail to understand why she appoints him the King of the Task, rather than just saying, "This is too many bricks; I'm going to not carry so many at once, because I'm moving so slowly that I think it's counterproductive." Even if she couldn't muster the word "counterproductive," I'm thinking she could get the point across.

Jon eventually forces their driver to pull over, gets out with the map, points to it, and says, "Where is this place?" The driver indicates via the international language of pointing. As he gets back in the cab, Jon says, "Hey, homes, you were taking us the wrong direction." And it appears that it was indeed the entirely wrong direction. "We're way behind," Jon comments. "I can't believe this," Kris adds. Me neither. If I believed anyone was getting dumped at the close of this episode, I would totally care.

Commercials. You know, what woman hasn't always wanted Jane Jetson's hair? Or Velma's? GREAT AD.

When we get back, Kris and Jon have taken over the navigating for themselves, and they figure out that they're close. As they hop out, Jon asks Kris how much money to give the guy. "Don't give him anything," she recommends. Interestingly, some people thought she was talking about the tip, some thought the fare...either way, if she actually thought he intentionally drove them in the wrong direction, which I think she did, I can understand the impulse. You can't actually not pay the guy, because you'll get involved in a police situation, and because it's probably wrong, but I don't blame her for not wanting to pay a guy who tried to steal from her. At the very least, he took them when he had no idea where he was going, and he didn't tell them he had no idea where he was going. And that's not great service, really. At any rate, Jon does throw some money in the window, clearly angry, but also in a hurry. Hornio declares itself "almost there" as well.

Hayden is still bitching. Kendra thinks the bar is too long. That must be it. The bar is too long. Exactly the problem.

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