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Like Madonna and Sean Penn, only more tiresome

Kris and Jon finish the Detour; El Hornio and Rebecca still need 100 bricks. Kris and Jon run out and get into a cab. Yay!

In the Aaron and Hayden cab, they are comfortable enough that they can go back to pretending to like each other. She "good-naturedly" refers to herself as "weird and crazy and neurotic." Like a lot of people, of course, she manages to describe her flaws in a way that makes them sound a lot more wacky and appealing than they actually are. If she had said "demanding, impatient, and passive-aggressive," it wouldn't have made her sound so much like a kicky heroine from a surf movie. To make it worse, Aaron adds "sexy." Sigh. It really is true, just like Brian Krakow said, that if you, like, analyze why certain people end up with certain other people, it will make you want to kill yourself.

Freddy hopes to get to the pit stop "in an expeditious manner." This message brought to you by the Society of Verbose Reality Show Gasbags.

Hornio is finishing the Detour as we watch Kris and Jon begin their taxi ride. As Hornio finishes up, she gives him a kiss and then complains about his stubble. Perfect metaphor, that. They read the pit stop clue and leave. In their cab, Kris prays that this is their first cab driver of the day who actually knows where the destination is. It seems like a small request. Somewhere, the Almighty is torn, all, "Normally, I don't intervene, but My distaste for Hornio is powerful, indeed."

Hayden and Aaron pull up at the hotel. They cross the street and head inside. Freddy and Kendra are behind. Inside, Hayden and Aaron get directions to the roof and wait for the elevator. Kendra and Freddy cross the street, too, and then we watch Hayden and Aaron step up onto the mat. Welcome, actors, you are team number one. And you've won a trip to Hawaii. Aaron says in a voice-over that they're "hitting stride," because Hayden isn't freaking out so much.

Nuance is next to run inside, get an elevator, and come on up.

Jon tells us as the cab flies toward the hotel that indeed, they had bad cab drivers all day, and they're really hoping that all those bad days are behind them, and they're going to crank right to the finish line. El Hornio opines that his team was killed by the Yield.

Nuance lands on the mat. Welcome, you are team number two. Phil asks them about their "payback," and they happily relate the story of Yielding El Hornio and Rebecca. Freddy interviews that in the next leg, they're going to have their best leg of all. Wouldn't want to save it for the very last leg, I guess.

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