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Or we're back to Nuance, getting ready to leave. For some reason, I hate that edit -- when they come back to the team that was reading the clue at the end of the description of the clue. After they're gone, Kris and Jon are next to find the clue and read it. Then Aaron and Hayden. Outside, Nuance looks for a cab, as do Kris and Jon. The teams at first have trouble even finding anyone who will take them, so it's not clear whether those cabs are already assigned or what.

Meanwhile, Hornio finally finds the clue, and when Rebecca sees it, she says, "We're so Yielded." She reminds us that they Yielded Nuance at the instruction of Spazpants in a prior leg, and now she's not sure that was such a hot idea. Wait, you mean Jonathan's advice sucked? Inconceivable! Outside, Hayden is telling Freddy and Kendra to use the Yield. Why don't Hayden and Aaron use theirs? That makes no sense. Unlike last week, when I announced that there were no more Yields, there actually aren't any more this time, so I'm not sure why Hayden would want to hoard hers. Nuance and Hornio hunt for a taxi, while we see that Kris and Jon already have one. How "lucky" for them. As Hayden tries to get a local to hail a cab for her, Kris sits in the back seat and points out gently that they're not moving. Like, at all. El Hornio is lectured by Rebecca that the way he talks "comes off rude-uh." Hayden asks her local if the taxis are snubbing her because she's American. Freddy and Kendra finally get a little green cab to stop for them, and they hop in. Kendra opines in the cab that the empty taxis that wouldn't pick her up may have been "discriminating against" her, or there may be some taxi service nuance (heh) that she's not picking up. Maybe Dakar sent word.

Hayden tries to convince a cab to stop. No dice. Finally, she grabs one, brings Aaron over, and gets going. Hornio is still stymied, as Rebecca wonders what other "force working here" is keeping her from getting a taxi. Maybe relationship therapists all over the world sent word.

Commercials. If somebody doesn't hit the Sprint guy with a shoe really soon, I'm going to.

When we return, Hornio finally snags a cab (whew!) and gets in, as a lot of locals stare with apparent amusement. And, probably, horror at El Hornio's hair. Seriously, it's hard to remember anymore that those horns are still new to a lot of people. Remember how scary you thought they were at first? Right. Meanwhile, Kris and Jon are still stuck in traffic, where Kris is fretting that with the Yield ahead, Freddy and Kendra are likely to hit them with it if they get the chance. "But our cab driver is our worst nightmare," she offers, in a line that certainly sounds like it has a clunky cut between "is our" and "worst nightmare," so I'm not sure she actually said anything quite that rude.

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