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In the Nuance cab, Freddy is explaining that while he and Kendra considered using the Yield strategically against Kris and Jon, because they're a stronger team, they've ultimately decided to employ it spitefully instead, figuring that Hornio is deserving of "payback." Oh, and in the Hayden/Aaron cab, she's saying that Nuance should wait for her and Aaron next time, because they had such a bad time getting a cab. And why would they do that? And how would it help? She's such a goofball.

Freddy and Kendra get out by the base of the tower and start hunting around for the clue. Hayden and Aaron arrive next, and then we watch as Freddy and Kendra step on the Yield mat first. Phil reminds us how one team can make another team stop and stand around for a while. But you can only use it once, so you have to choose carefully. And he totally appropriates "most advantageous to go for it" from the old Fast Forward patter, and that's just lazy. And it makes me nostalgic. ["He also 'appropriated' some of his poorly-fitted pants from a previous season for this episode. Boo, wardrobe." -- Sars] At the mat, Freddy equivocates about whom to Yield, saying that they might be better off Yielding Kris and Jon, but Kendra pulls Hornio's picture and smacks it on the board. Neither Nuancer makes any effort to justify the Yield here as anything but revenge, so at least their motives are clear. And in fact, in the Hornio cab, Rebecca already knows this is likely. Anything that can make Kendra seem like she does things on purpose and can make Rebecca seem like she understands what's going on is certainly worthwhile, I suppose.

Kris and Jon's cab is still not moving, and she suggests getting out and running, but he's not sure where they'd even go. It seems like they still don't entirely know where they're supposed to wind up.

Once they've passed the Yield, Freddy and Kendra hit the regular clue box, which reveals a Roadblock. whoever decided that putting Phil in a black harness over his white pants was a good idea? Not so much. It's a little bit not-that-subtle, kind of one step above a big sign with a red arrow pointing to his crotch, all, "LOOK HERE." Anyway, harness-wearing Phil explains that the Roadblocker here has to get to the top of a 40-story skyscraper and lower herself on a window-washing chair to a marked window, wash the glass with a squeegee, and take note of the message that is uncovered when the window is washed. Then they'll lower themselves to the ground, pass on the message to the "supervisor," and get their clue. Freddy immediately tells Kendra that she's going to have to do it, and she explains as they get in a taxi to the correct tower that she wants to face her big fears, and this will be a great opportunity, since she totally hates heights. Not an approach that ever makes sense to me, the intentionally doing things that you hate, but...okay. "This will be no problem for you," Freddy assures her. Well, if your boyfriend says it, it must be true. That's what I always say.

Next ones to the clue box are Hayden and Aaron. She looks at the sign showing Hornio Yielded and calls out, "HEH heh!" Certainly is smug for a girl who cried in a tree last week. What's more, she herself balks at the task, and Aaron takes over, not sounding too pleased about it. Yeah, if you're going to refuse to do the big-strong-person stuff, and you're also going to refuse to do the heights, and you're also going to refuse to do the're putting your team in a bit of a spot. ["But that spot is not The Bra Store." -- Sars]

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