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The Kris and Jon cab is still technically on its way, although it's not clear anymore whether there is any "way" involved, or if there is, that they are actually on it. At some point, this is going to stop being a cab ride and become a pilgrimage of some sort.

Hornio, however, shows up at the site while Hayden and Aaron are heading into the tower. Because they ran and Nuance got a cab, Hayden and Aaron have now worked themselves into first place. When Hayden spots Hornio skulking around and looking for the clue box, she hides behind a potted plant. Heh. Okay, that's a little funny, if only because she's lucky she weighs six pounds and is four feet tall, or she totally wouldn't fit back there. At her first opportunity, she flees the actual scene of the Roadblock, hoping not to tip off Hornio. Freddy and Kendra do finally arrive at the tower, but Freddy laments getting a cab, which took them to the back of the building, instead of just walking over there. Kendra heads up in the elevator into which Aaron so recently disappeared.

Kris and Jon? Oh, they're "on the way." And now, they're starting to wonder whether their driver even knows where they're going. That can't be a good feeling.

Aaron and Kendra are helped into climbing gear at the top of the skyscraper. I'm having such awesome flashbacks to Michael and Flo, and sort of hoping it ends the same way, except for the ultimate winning part.

Hornio hits the Yield mat and sees their own picture. "Thanks, Freddy," says El Hornio, missing the fact that the prime mover behind their Yielding was Kendra. Foiled by a girl! I know! Rebecca hollers to El Hornio to get the hourglass turned over, which he does. So the sand starts to run, and El Hornio waits. These are the days of their lives. And, unfortunately, our lives.

Kendra, resplendent in her yellow helmet, admires the view of Shanghai, even as she says she can't really look around too much. For fear of throwing up, I assume, and not for fear of being forced into an awareness of the world beyond palm trees and modeling. Aaron starts down the wall first, and Kendra gets the advice that she needs to look for a window just below the "red tape." Freddy, on the ground, stares up at the building and wonders why he's not seeing Kendra come down the side yet, or even appear at the top. Kendra has to stop, though, and ask the guy helping her climb down the building for a hug. Yes, a hug. Because girls are like that, needing a hug before something scary happens. That's why I make the ticket-taker hug me before I go to a scary movie. I'm not sure why, but they don't let me in anymore. Anyway, Kendra finally starts down, just as Freddy is beginning to wonder if she's pulling some kind of a big flake-out. I'm so sad about him looking so crummy, because all of the hot has drained out of him at this point.

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