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Team TAR15 makes it to the milk farm -- which is in the middle of the city, so apparently Varanasi has some pretty lax zoning laws -- and are handed a clue with a picture of a green door and the words "PIT STOP: RAMNAGAR FORT." Phil says they'll now have to get back across the Ganges to the city of Ramnagar, and find the fort by that name. It's a large, colonial-era structure, so it's not surprising to hear Phil say it was built in the 18th century. From a third-floor balcony overlooking a courtyard, he says, "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." So Zev and Justin are on their way there in first place, with the Globetrotters behind them, vowing to "beat them boys." I think it's safe to say that TAR15 is two separate teams once again. The Globetrotters get a tuk-tuk first, Flight Time already voicing his hope that they can go from last to first. Zev and Justin take off, behind them at last.

Jet and Cord arrive at the wrestling place, and Cord calls over to the grapplers, "Keep wearin' yourselves out, guys, we'll be there in a minute." They decide to carry hay, because why not? "We come to the other side of the world to haul some hay," Cord chuckles in their boat across the river. Like this is the first time the Amazing Race has turned into a busman's holiday for these two.

Kisha seems to have Jen back in line, and they stick up the next half-dozen patties under the watchful eye of their aged hostess. After they tell her they're done, she casts a critical eye over the fifty hand-printed poo-tties and shakes her head. Then she goes up to the wall and scrapes some off with a stick for being the wrong size. "You serious, lady? We're trying to feed your kids," Kisha says, like this is a favor to her. But the lady's done, and after they put up some correctly-sized replacements, she gives them a double thumbs-up. Then it's over to the stove, which is pretty much just a metal bucket, and they load it up with some pre-dried patties, light it (with a liberal dose of lighter fluid), and put on the pot of milk. Now they have their Pit Stop clue, in third place. To a tuk-tuk!

On the steps up from the river, Kent whines to Vyxsin that he can't keep up with her, having done the Detour and still carrying his own bag. I would point out that during the Detour, Gary carried Kent. She takes his backpack and tells him to keep walking. At least they just found the Amazing Arrow. They soon find the stockyard and get to work slapping up patties, one at a time.

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