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Ron and Christina get in a water taxi to the Pit Stop, Christina saying it's the fastest way there so she's hoping nobody else has the same idea. Well, someone else did, but it didn't exactly work out. Speaking of whom, Kent and Vyxsin flag down a passing tuk-tuk and ask the driver if he can take them there. "I can take you," he says. "All right, get this guy out!" Kent demand. Wait, what? He and Vyxsin both rudely shoo this blurry-faced dude out of the vehicle, which makes me want to make them blurry-faced. Seriously, who the fuck do they think they are? I don't know what the rules are about hijacking tuk-tuks are in Varanasi, but it seems like preference should go to fares who don't reek of Ganges-water.

Out in the river, Ron and Christina are telling each other to never give up, even as the sun is getting low. Kent and Vyxsin are pretty worried as they ride in their tuk-tuk. Ron and Christina arrive on the bank and head for the Pit Stop on foot. Kent and Vyxsin get out of their tuk-tuk, with some ill-timed confusion about who's taking what bag, but without sparing a glance for what might well be a large animal in the process of being butchered in the street. Both teams are seen separately spotting the fort, but the next pair to enter and run up to the mat are...Kent and Vyxsin. Honestly, this isn't a very suspenseful ending. When it's down to these two teams, either outcome is a win. I have to say, Vyxsin's makeup held up surprisingly well after her dunking. Maybe the part of the Ganges she jumped into was mostly fixative. They're pretty surprised to learn that they're team number six, and Phil says it was close. "Too close for comfort," they dork.

Finally, here are Ron and Christina. They run onto the mat as though it's still a race, and Christina gets choked up as Phil tells them they're the last team to arrive and Philiminates them. Ron graciously says, "It was a gift to come back. A second chance, especially with Christina before she gets married next year. We have no regrets and enjoy a lot of memories." No regrets? Not even throwing rocks and yelling at people? As we see them leaving the mat with the dramatic sunset over the river in the background, Christina interviews that they're closer than they were before, which I can believe after they spent most of this leg apart. "Winning isn't everything, and I'll never forget these memories that my dad and I have made hereon the Amazing Race, and that's what's important." "Right, "Ron agrees, getting the last word as always.

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