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Kent and Vyxsin are leaving at 1:55, in fifth place. After they get in a cab, Kent asks the driver, "At the airport, can you buy airline tickets?" The driver stares at them with puzzlement so severe it's nearly aggressive. But once on the road, they decide to head to a travel agency first. Kent describes their last visit to India as "a moment of sadness," and we get a flashback to their TAR12 Philimination. Wait, what? Oh, he means sad for them. I was confused for a second. But Vyxsin adds that they're just happy to still be in it past the halfway point. Which is more than some teams can say, and none of those teams bricked Leg Four to an historic extent.

Kisha and Jen are starting their leg at 2:03, in sixth place. They also learn they have $80 for this leg, and with that, they head to the airport. No insights from them on how the God of Unfinished Business seems to have it in for TAR14 teams, and how now that they're the last ones standing it's only a matter of time before some bizarre twist of fate and physics right out of Final Destination nukes their asses? Well, maybe they're just keeping those thoughts to themselves.

Gary and Mallory arrive at the airport and head to a ticket counter. The agent tells them that the earliest available flight to Varanasi goes through Delhi and lands in Varanasi at 10:45 in what is presumably the next morning. They reserve seats, and a red subtitle reading "Kingfisher Flight" over the white letters "Arrives at 10:45 AM" tells us right away that not everyone is going to be getting on that flight. Now we just have to wait and see who blows it, right? No, we have to see almost everyone else getting booked on the same flight. There's Ron and Christina, there's Zev and Justin (Justin adding they want to be close to the front), there's Jen and Kisha. There's Kent and Vyxsin, booking from a "travel agency" that's more like a sidewalk kiosk. But when Jet and Cord arrive at the airport, they go to a different ticket counter than the other teams and end up being told that there's a flight that arrives at Varanasi at 11:45 AM. They seem satisfied that that's the earliest flight, and after the fact, Cord basically interviews that he was raised gullible. I should point out that the agent didn't say, "This is the earliest flight," he said, "We have this flight." Rather lackadaisical airport management on the Cowboys' part, if you ask me, which by reading this you sort of did.

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