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After the ads, this fuck-up causes a flashback to arguably their worst mistake in TAR16, where they had to swim back out to their boat after arriving at the mat. "[We'll] try not to repeat that," Cord says in his typical laconic way. They get on their later flight and take off. Fortunately, they did not leave their clue in the airport and have to fly back.

Now we're in Varanasi, which is so bustling it makes Kolkata look like...well, Varanasi. All these cities are pretty bustling. Motorcycles, cows in the road, monkeys grimacing down from the balconies, boats in the river, the whole deal. Re-racers hit the ground running, and Zev and Justin seem to get a cab first. Ron and Christina are behind them, Christina taking the time to learn their driver's name (Romsha) and telling him they want to be number one. Jen and Kisha are hurrying into a cab, and while putting his and Vyxsin's backpacks into the trunk of their cab, Kent bangs his head on the corner of the upraised trunk lid. He blames the driver for it and yells at Vyxsin, and then the driver again, telling him to drive fast. Only place it couldn't hurt him, as my mom used to say. Mallory's awfully happy to be getting a cab in fifth place. The Globetrotters are pretty sweaty as they bring up the rear. Their driver isn't shy about using the horn, even when there's no traffic in front of them on the country road between the airport and the city. Flight Time takes a moment to educate the viewers at home: "For those of you who don't know, when you push the gas, the horn blows in India." That explains so much.

Zev and Justin's driver is pulling into a gas station, much to their disgust. "How do you pick somebody up at the airport with no gas?" Justin wonders, as if the fact that the guy is paying with their fare money isn't answer enough. Ron and Christina are also running into trouble, as the police detour their car away from a bridge, forcing them to find an alternate route. Of course the nice thing about India is that even the main routes are choked and backed up, so taking a back road doesn't slow you down that much. Kent and Vyxsin marvel at the elephant in the road, as well as the cars, motorcycles, and "lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!" Shut up. Jen is telling their driver not to let the car behind them pass, because they're in a race. But behind them, Big Easy is getting all inspirational, telling his and Flight Time's driver, "Represent yourself, represent your country!" Sure enough, they get around the sisters. "We're racing them," Kisha reminds their driver, who looks at them askance in his rearview mirror. The Globetrotters pass Gary and Mallory, as well. We don't see Mallory's reaction, but I assume she was delighted.

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