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The Goths have arrived at the Tonga Stand, which doesn't really look like much of a landmark, but there it is, and we'll see that all the cab drivers seem to know it. In the clue box is a Road Block clue asking, "Who's ready to search for the meaning of life?" None of this crew, for sure.

Phil narrates, "The streets of Varanasi are filled with colorful Sadus -- holy men who have given their lives over to prayer and meditation." Which seems to take the visual form of staring out from behind giant white beards in odd poses and brightly colored costumes. Each re-racer doing the Road Block will get a set of seven photos of different Sadus, and then have to find the Sadu in each photo. Each Sadu will give them a "clue" (not a yellow envelope, but a wadded-up scrap of paper with a word or two scrawled on it) and then the re-racer has to arrange them into a sentence to reveal the meaning of life, and the seventh Sadu will give them their next clue. Kent's doing this. He gets right to it, wading into the chaos and interviewing, "Times Square has got nothing on the Tonga Stand intersection." Which I guess is a thing.

The Globetrotters arrive a the clue box next, to Vyxsin's apparent annoyance. Not bad for starting in last place. Big Easy takes this one. When the sisters get there, Jen volunteers to do it. Gary and Mallory's cab driver tells them they're one minute out, and then we see them walking up to the clue box. Gary's doing this one. Ron and Christina spot the clue box from their cab and jump out, with Ron volunteering to take this one. Now here's Zev and Justin, and this one's going to the latter. So with the first six teams underway at the Road Block, Jet and Cord are just now touching down at the airport and getting a cab, telling their driver they're "late." "We are way late, "Jet says. Interesting way of putting it.

Kent finds one of the Sadus, but the holy man just looks up at him blankly. Kent realizes this must be the final one, saying, "I need these other men first" and wandering off. I presume by "needing other men" he means the other Sadus. Big Easy seems to be the first to find a preliminary Sadu, a fellow in orange robes who hands him a paper-wad. Big Easy gets a little box on the bottom of the TV screen with a series of blanks, and a Desk-Bell Of Progress rings as "THE" appears in the middle of it. Encountering Jen coming from the other direction, he points her to where he found his word, and they team up to continue the search. Big Easy draws her attention to a dude in pink and orange holding a trident, and they get two words this time, expanding their phrase to "YOU'RE OVER THE." And then they split up. Jen reacts to the difficulty of this task by uttering the traditional Hindu prayer, "Oy vey."

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