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Ron, meanwhile, is just marching down the street, asking no one, "Where are these holy men?" Well, one of them is taking a moment off from his life of prayer and meditation to give Ron a look from the sidewalk that's like, "Seriously?" Justin finds his first Sadu and makes the culturally sensitive remark, "The holy men, they looked like anorexic Santa Claus." Justin also gets "THE." Kent finds a Sadu by the docks and launches into that doofy thing where he addresses task facilitators as though they're foreign dignitaries: "I would like a paper from you. Please honor me, sir." Gary shows up at Kent's elbow, so now they've both got "PICK." Justin is right behind them so he's got "THE" and "PICK" now. Gary and Kent decide to team up, and Kent offers, "If we find all the men I'll take you to the finish, 'cause I did find the finish. I swear, I won't screw ya." Gary goes along with this, for some reason.

In the cab, Jet says ,"I'd just like to see another team right now." They know they're under the gun.

Back at the road block, Kent tells us he's just following Gary. "When in doubt, follow Gary," he says. Well, as long as he doesn't screw him. Jen says her eyes are blurring, but she spots a guy who's wearing a scarf for a shirt and gets the first word in the phrase, so now she's got "ONCE YOU'RE OVER THE." Jen's clearly over this task. Big Easy gets "HILL YOU," which almost sounds dirty. Justin finds Trident Man, so he's getting closer. Ron, however, is getting farther. And farther, and farther. He gets "PICK," way at the far end of the "playing field," and then tells us he plans to keep going. He thinks he'll find the other Sadus between here and...some incredibly distant point up the riverbank that he indicates with a gesture. Oh, Ron. Jen gets her last piece of paper, so now she just has to go unscramble them.

At the waiting area, all the horns and bicycle bells and other noises are driving Zev to distraction. The Amazing Editors even underscore his sensory distress by putting halos around the passing traffic. But then "Mal-Mal" gives him some earplugs, so he's all better, the end.

Jen finds the final Sadu and lays out the scraps on the ground in front of him: "ONCE YOU'RE OVER THE HILL YOU PICK UP SPEED." That's the meaning of life? I can only assume these Sadus don't read English or they'd have nothing to do with presenting that sub-Hallmark crap as something profound. Jen gets her clue, and runs back toward Kisha, having secured their customary early-leg lead. Justin and Big Easy join forces to look for the guy in the pink scarf, whom Big Easy shortly finds. With this kind of task, it must be an advantage to be six-foot-forty. They get their last slips, and Big Easy leads Justin in the direction of the last Sadu. Jen finally makes it back to Kisha and they open the envelope, not that Jen can read "Swaminath Akhara" from the clue. Phil explains over footage of two loincloth-clad Indians wrestling in a covered dirt ring that this is a "wrestling and strength conditioning club." There's also a strongman swinging weights around on poles in the courtyard. None of this is relevant to anything except that there's a clue box nearby. Jen and Kisha get in a tuk-tuk. Justin and Big Easy are now getting their clues from Sadu #7 and head off in second and third place, respectively.

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