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Kisha and Jen get to the courtyard in third place. They might win a leg once in a while if they ever learned how to get from one place to another quickly. After reading the Detour choices, Jen asks, "You know how heavy bales of hay are?" With that, they agree to go for the other one. As they head down to the bank to hire their boat Jen calls out, "Let's feed the children!" very inspirationally for someone who's going to be squashing poo between her fingers within the hour.

While being ferried across the river, Zev and Justin take the time to admire the city, and then realize they're approaching a colorful tent on the far bank, which, oddly enough, is an otherwise empty wasteland at this point in the river. Justin spots loose bundles of green hay and figures that's it. Jen will be disappointed to learn that she wouldn't have had to schlep the standard, rectangular, machine-baled, 60-pound brick of compacted hay you see in the states, especially when she sees what she's chosen to do instead. With the Globetrotters still right behind them -- this is turning into a TAR15 alliance -- Justin and Zev nimbly jump off, run to the tent, and grab a bundle each before heading back across.

Cord has collected all his papers and lays them out for the final Sadu. After earning his clue, he gives a whoop and returns to the waiting area, where it's just Jet and Christina still waiting, and not Jet for long. They read their clue in sixth place, and Christina calls after them, "Good job, guys," As they take off in a tuk-tuk. She tells us, "I knew the Cowboys would catch up, I was just hoping that it wasn't catching up to us." She just hopes that Ron is keeping calm. You know, wherever the fuck he is. Which would appear to be an entirely different area of the city, wandering around going "Sadus? Sadus? "and saying it's "Getting frustrating." And that's just watching him.

After the break, he says he's at the cremation area, "So this is the end of the line for me." Wow, talk about giving up! Is he just going to climb right up on the pyre? No, he's just going back to find his Sadus. In a post-leg interview, Ron says that he thought maybe the holy men weren't in their costumes as shown in the photo because maybe they decided on a "refreshing bathe or go down to the Ganges and freshen themselves. But I overthought it." Yeah, that's not what "overthought" means. Finally he gets back to the right neighborhood and gets his second word. He's got "THE...PICK," as he tells us. "I don't know what that means." Try overthinking it, maybe.

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