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Back on the city side of the river, Team TAR15 docks and makes with the hay bale carrying.

Jen and Kisha's boat is arriving at Sakka Ghat. They get off the boat and head up the steps from the riverbank and into a small stockyard. Taking in the scene, Jen says, "I think fuel definitely has something to do with MANURE!" Yeah, that isn't the kind of thing they were going put in the clue, is it? They waste little time before putting on plastic gloves and mixing poop patties with the straw on the ground. The crowd of kids watching laugh as the sisters gag in disgust. I don't know why they're laughing, they're the ones who are going to be drinking the milk boiled over a crap-fire.

Kent and Vyxsin are the next to find the Detour clue box. They agree on Feed the Fire and quickly get themselves into a boat to Sakka Ghat. When Gary and Mallory open the Detour clue, Gary asks which one. "I don't care, I just want to choose," Mallory says. Gary decides on Feed the Fire.

While they're in the boats, Gary points out fire along the bank, and realizes they're cremating people. The music goes quiet, and even Mallory does, briefly. Then she says, "We thought we knew India from Kolkata. This is so much different." She looks thoughtful, as the camera captures as much of the somber scene as it can from a moving boat out in the river. Mallory says, "Varanasi is like another planet." Hell, anywhere that Mallory stands is like another planet.

Ron finally finishes the Road Block and runs back to Christina, moaning and bellowing the whole way. They head off to find the clue box in last place. I've got a feeling that at least we won't have to put up with him for much longer.

Team TAR15 are making their way through the city with their hay bundles. Zev keeps telling Justin to stop running, but if the streets weren't so narrow, that's the only way they'd be holding into their lead against the Globetrotters. Flight Time sings, "Running with the middle of Indiaaa..." They reach a place where the alley is choked with live cattle, who try to eat the hay they're carrying right out of their hands until Big Easy advises everyone to hold them up over their heads. That obstacle cleared with only a minor commission paid to the cows, everyone joins in for another chorus of "Running with the middle of Indiaaa..." Well, at least it's better than the Heroic Cowboy Theme.

Jen and Kisha have come up with a division of labor: Kisha's sticking the finished patties to the wall, while Jen crouches on the ground mixing the hay with the poo. "Man, the crap you do for a million dollars," Jen says, which is what these shows are all about. She says to some toddlers, like they'd better appreciate this, "This is for you, this is for y'all. Y'all can drink some milk." Then she goes over to the wall and protests that Kisha is "dismantling" her work by breaking up some of the larger patties. Kisha tries to explain that some of them are too big, and Jen makes with the scowly-face and offers to let Kisha do it all herself. Good, bicker. That'll break this season's TAR14 curse.

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