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The "dating divorcees" Ralph and Vanessa leave at 3:31, twins Elliot and Andrew (one long-haired, one short-haired, both pretty) leave at 4:21, and cousins Kerri and Stacy (ditto) start the leg at 5:23 AM. These teams are really getting spread out, but they all end up at the town square together soon enough. Vanessa asks a dog if he's a chasqui. The dog isn't talking, and Vanessa suspects he isn't bilingual anyway. She's kidding, of course. If it were Rachel saying this I wouldn't be so sure.

Clowns -- excuse me, laugh ambassadors Cherie and Dave are leaving at 5:27 AM in eighth place, as we learn this leg's allowance is $44. In an interview, Dave says the other teams probably underestimate them. "But I have had LP Hodgkin's disease twice." The good news is that he's been cancer-free since 2001, so Cherie thinks that means they can win the race. Not to take anything from being able to beat cancer twice, but I think that's rather a different skill set. As Ethan learned during the second leg of the last season.

Bopper and Mark are leaving at 5:29 AM, and Mark outlines their ambitious strategy: "As long as one team's behind us, we're fine." We see them trying to puzzle out the word chasqui in their car. Mark explains, "We speak country. No other kinda language." Clearly.

The last team to leave is Joey "Fitness" and Danny, the Jersey guys who are actually from New York, at 5:35 AM. Soon all the teams are at the town square and Danny proudly raises the roof and high-fives Brendon like the victor he isn't. They kill time by watching the dog push a rock around, showing himself to be a tougher competitor than most of the humans present.

Eventually the sun comes up at around 6:35 AM, and the chasqui rides up. The racers all run over and swarm him, and they're all lucky his pony doesn't shy or kick anyone as they all hold their hands up like a horde of hungry zombies (yes, I also covered The Walking Dead tonight, but the comparison was pretty inevitable anyway). Before things can get too grisly here in town, Phil's out in the desert to explain the Detour: "In order to survive the high desert climate, locals make the most of the natural resources around them." And thus the two Detour options will be "Boil My Water" or "Light My Fire." For the former, the teams will have to drive out to the sticks and find one of three "isolated villages" (actually more like small camps) to give them some cooking equipment. There are pick-up trucks already waiting at each location there with "solar kitchens" in crates on the back. What is a solar kitchen, you ask? It's a mirrored parabolic dish that you point at the sun, and it focuses the rays on a specific point in the center to create a small zone of intense heat, like the "light sharpener" experiment that did a few years ago, only smaller.

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