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Bopper and Mark have finished, which Rachel points out to Brendon. Team Kentucky does have a lot of bolts left over, but it's not like it's an amusement park ride. Bopper's filling a kettle with bottled water as he says he plans to get himself one of these solar kitchens to roast turkeys on at home, which he can then eat in his garage. At location two, Joey "Fitness" tries to attach the dish by leaning into it, accidentally baking his face more than it already is. Then, when he tries a different position, he cuts his hand. "We're from New York," Danny boasts. "Blood don't matter." Sure it doesn't; it's not his. Soon they realize that the cousins are ahead of them, so they go over to see what they're doing. You know... the team who can't build. In an interview, Joey "Fitness" obnoxiously calls them "the sexy seƱoritas" as they explain that they headed over to get some tips from them. "They had it completely right," Danny says like he can't believe it. "That was really nice of us," Stacy says, although Kerri seems a little slow to have picked up on who was helping whom just now.

Art and JJ are now loading up their donkey with the wood and collecting lumps of clay. JJ is angry at how they fell behind. "We're so much smarter than that," he claims. Other Rachel and Major Dave get their kettle on, and Cherie and Clown Dave, having hit a dead end, decide to go peek at other teams' work. They come over and admire Rachel and Dave's work, but more importantly, they notice the picture on the side of the box, which they didn't see on their own." Oy, the things you miss when you're hyped up on adrenalin," Cherie interviews. They run back as Major Dave overstates, "Clowns are crazy." I'm still waiting. Could it be that none of their funny stuff is getting on the air because they work so blue?

The Border Patrol agents are still hoping to make up time, given that the other teams are trying to boil water with the sun before eight in the morning. Other teams are putting the pot on while Team Border Patrol is trying to lead their laden donkey through the bush and getting pretty uptight about it, as they have been about everything. JJ compares it to tracking a perp across the border: "Eventually we would have them on a string like this. All handcuffed and ready to get put in jail." Reassuring to know that the Border Patrol occasionally has to stop to untangle a prisoner from the local flora like that. Most other teams are waiting for their pots to boil, Dave and Cherie with their backs turned "comically" to the dish, because "a watched pot never boils." Maybe their prepared material is better. The first kettle to whistle is Bopper and Mark's, so they get their clue in first place while Bopper congratulates Mark on a job well done. Phil tells us, with the help of an Amazing Red Dotted Line, that the next move is an eighteen-hour bus ride to Buenos Aires, where they'll have to get to a place called Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers to find their next clue. Bopper and Mark are on their way, daring to believe they might actually be in first place (which they are). Other Rachel and Major Dave spot Art and JJ leading their donkey past while they're waiting for a boil. "I told you boiling water's a pain in the ass in a solar oven," Art tells JJ, like everyone knows that .The teams at that location spot watch without envy as they go sweatily by, but the next thing you know Art and JJ have their clue. So they went from last place to second place mighty quick. Probably because of all the stressing out they did.

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