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Luckily, a taped-down window curtain, a can-do attitude, a complete disregard for passenger safety and a commercial break are all it takes to get what is now the last-place bus back on the road, with the wind whistling fiercely through the shattered window. Ralph explains that something hit the side of the bus. "This may allow them to catch up," he says optimistically, not realizing that's already happened.

Early in the morning, the first bus arrives at the Buenos Aires terminal and disgorges the two Rachel teams, the Border Patrol agents and Team Kentucky. They all get cabs quickly. Meanwhile the last bus to leave Salta is the second bus to be approaching the city, while Kerri and Stacy put their faces on in the back. Jamie says they need to kick some ass. "Only thing we need to do today." Well, it sounds easy when you put it like that.

Up ahead, Other Rachel and Major Dave arrive at the next clue box, which is situated on some kind of public stage in a town square. It's a Roadblock and the introductory question is simply, "Where's the Beef?" Some of these racers may even be old enough to understand that reference. Suddenly we're at Liniers Cattle Market, which Phil says is the largest in the world, auctioning up to 13,000 head per day. The racer doing this Roadblock (which is called "Calculate Cattle") will need to join a group of buyers following an auctioneer past the pens. The auctioneer will call out the total weight in each pen. With that information, and by counting the number of cattle in that pen, racers will have to calculate the average weight of each bovine in that pen. Basically it's a live-action word problem, except that they have to do it before the auctioneer moves on to the next pen, so it's a race against time as well as rusty math skills. Major Dave nominates Other Rachel, who groans that calculators aren't allowed. They run a block or two, following the sound of the auction bell, and soon find themselves amid the noise, chaos, and poo-stink of the auction. Other Rachel runs up to the catwalk over the pens and hears the auctioneer declare the total weight of pen #58 as 5,990, in English. Rachel tries to do long division on the clue sheet while the auctioneer continues yelling numbers to the buyers, which can't help. Even if those other numbers are in Spanish.

Brendon and Rachel hop out of their cab. JJ and Art spot them and declare, "We're not gonna follow those two nimrods." Indeed, Team Big Brother ends up running a block or more after getting out of their cab too early, while Team Border Patrol pulls right up to the clue, just ahead of Team Kentucky. JJ volunteers for this Roadblock, as do Rachel and Mark, respectively. Rachel groans when she realizes what she's gotten herself into. "I don't know anything about cows!" Because that's what's required here.

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