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Other Rachel writes down a guess and runs down to the Gaucho waiting on horseback to swap clues for correct answers just as the other three teams start to arrive. She shows him her guess, but it's wrong, so back to the auction. The group of buyers appears to have gotten bigger and more confusing, and JJ and Other Rachel team up. Meanwhile, Rachel is casting about on her own, completely lost, because nobody wants to help her on account of her being an annoying asshole. Mark, meanwhile, is in his element, as his regular job involves both math and cattle yards. "He's good at figgerin'," Bopper tells us. Rachel, meanwhile, is at a loss on how to do a task that requires skills other than clinging to something for long periods of time while being sprayed with stuff. Mark finishes his figgerin' and runs to deliver a guess to the Gaucho, but is blocked by a small herd of calves so he has to call out, "Groucho, Groucho!" Wouldn't that be awesome if all Gauchos were also Groucho Marx impersonators? Oh, and also, Mark's number is wrong.

The last bus to leave is the second to arrive, and Nary and Jamie and Kerri and Stacy hurry off it and race to cabs, hoping against hope that there's still a late bus coming. Indeed there is; in fact, it's still out in the country. Ralph figures the broken window cost them two hours, and that they're probably in last place as a result. Ralph figures correctly.

JJ and Other Rachel are prepared to deliver another guess to the Gaucho, while Rachel makes her first wrong guess. It's a good sign for Other Rachel and JJ when, as they approach the Gaucho, an equation shows up on the screen: 7,540 รท 22 = 342. Sure enough, it's correct (if you round down), and JJ waits for Other Rachel so they can run back to their partners together. Teamwork! The clue they just got is sending them to the Pit Stop, which Phil says is El Gomero, a 200-year-old rubber tree in the Recoleta neighborhood. And the last team to check in may be eliminated. The two lead teams are on their way, so they'll probably be fine. Meanwhile, Brandon talks to Bopper about how JJ and Other Rachel helped each other and pretends not to care that nobody's helping his Rachel. His main concern is Rachel's frustration level, which he's correct to worry about because, sure enough, Rachel's up there nearly crying and saying things like, "Brendon hates my guts right now." See, this is a totally functional relationship. On the way to the Pit Stop, JJ talks about how he doesn't feel bad about working with Other Rachel ("from Major Dave," as JJ calls her) and leaving Rachel spinning in the breeze. Preaching to the choir, Agent. Meanwhile, Rachel is on the verge of one of her trademark self-pity meltdowns (Rachel's Annoying Habit #7) after making another wrong guess. Even Bopper is telling her to keep her cool, and Brendon tells her to work with Mark. Nice of him to volunteer someone else's partner. Mark agrees, and when Rachel brays, "I'm not good at math!" Mark reassures her that he is, so she doesn't need to worry. So now she's bringing down two teams.

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