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Up ahead, on the island, the other two teams are already getting winded from the long run back and forth between the game board and the clue boxes. Nick and Starr finally find their snack-cart photo, and as they run back to the game board we get our first look at how far they have to run each time. It's at least fifty to a hundred yards, although that may be a zoom lens trick. "There's so much room to make up time here," Nick encourages Starr. There also seems to be so much room to run until you have a cardiac event. They get their first photo in place. Right behind them, Ken and Tina get their third. Seeing the Pit Stop logo behind the fourth square, Tina thinks that's "Route Marker," but we get a black-and-white flashback to Ken and Tina arriving at Summerhill and meeting Phil's dad after winning the Fast Forward. But they run back to the field thinking that they're looking for the Gordian Knot at the pier instead. Ken tries to hurry Tina along, worried that Nick and Starr are going twice as fast. Indeed, they're running hand-in-hand back to the game board, carrying their fishing boat photo. As Ken and Tina find their Gordian Knot photo, Tina tells Ken to quit talking and giving away what they're looking for, and they wonder how the Siblings are doing. "They're on the lower level still," Ken says as Nick installs the second photo in place. It's actually hard to tell how the other team is doing without spending time to check, since each game board is situated facing away from the others. Nick and Starr run back in search of their fighting Cholitas. When Ken and Tina strike out with their Gordian Knot guess, Tina belatedly wonders if they're looking for the Pit Stop instead. Nick and Starr score their Fighting Cholitas, and as soon as they see the fourth window, they know they're looking for sheep. Which Ken and Tina find and run back, their lead narrowing. "Come on, be the one," Ken says. It is. But Nick and Starr are already coming back with their sheep photo as well. Searching for number five, Tina tells Ken, "Play our game. Just forget them." Yeah, it's not like they're in a race or anything. At this point, both teams have the same number of correct photos in place. It's now anyone's task to win.

Andrew again borrows his driver's cell phone to call the Oregon Visitor's Center. He is told to take Exit 44 off of I-84. Since they're just now passing a sign indicating their approach to exits 17 and 22, this is not encouraging. At the rate their cab driver is going, they're still a day or two out.

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