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At the clue box field, we've skipped ahead to number six, which is Route Info. You'll recall the Indian Doorman in the courtyard of the Ambassador Hotel. So does Starr. They fill it in, while at this point all Ken and Tina are doing is plodding around between clue boxes and complaining. "They're just going hog-wild everywhere," Tina says. Ken finds the Hotel, which Tina thinks is wrong, but she's willing to go give it a try anyway. Good thing, too, since it's correct. So much for Ken's claims that she always has to be right.

The Frat Boys finally arrive at the Bridge of the Gods. As they run to the bridge, Dan guesses that they might be bungee jumping. I like how Dan is such a reliable predictor of what the next task isn't.

Nick and Starr are up to eight, which is a Pit Stop, specifically the Old Square in Kazakhstan. "Russia One," Nick says incorrectly. Ken and Tina know what they're looking for, however: "The guy with the hat on," Ken pants. Nick nearly freaks out Starr-style when his photo of Neskuchny Sad park fails to light up. "Kazakhstan!" Starr belatedly remembers. By this time, Ken and Tina have found a photo of that bearded greeter, and they meets Nick and Starr as they run back out, already knowing where they've seen him and where they're going to look. Tina uncovers the ninth window, which shows a Route Marker. In the first Moscow leg, that was the monastery where they lit candles in the presence of singing monks. They head back to search for it. Meanwhile, Nick and Starr have found the Kazakh greeter photo. But the Amazing Cameraman didn't get the shot of them pulling the photo out, so they insert a close-up of some hand model gracefully taking it out and presenting it to the camera like on The Price Is Right. Kind of a jarring departure from the panicked pace they're maintaining. "Now it's Russia One," Nick gasps on their way back to the game board. Ding! Ken and Tina find their monastery photo while Nick and Starr are still searching for theirs. That reveals their last question: the Road Block for the last leg. Which, as you'll recall, was the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments. While they go back to search, Nick urges Starr to run with him back to the game board. "Million dollars, million dollars. I have no idea how well Ken and Tina are doing."

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