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Right now, she's leading him around the field, telling him not to close any of the boxes until she sees what's inside. Now it's down to the wire with both teams are looking for the last photo, but it's Nick and Starr who find a broken-nosed Stalin first. "Give me your hand. A million dollars," Nick says as he all but drags Starr back to the game board. Ken frets at Tina that they're getting too far afield, but she tells him they're not all going to be close in. And Nick slaps that Stalin into place. "It's not going, it's not going," he stresses, because the machine has a sense of suspense. Finally the light dings, and they're out of there. "Are they done?" Tina asks Ken. "Shoot!" Oh, cut loose, Tina. I think in this situation you could be forgiven for using a stronger curse, like "turkeylips."

Nick and Starr find their next clue box standing on the narrow footbridge between the island and the Oregon side of the river. "Come on, Rock Starr," Nick says, getting on my last nerve. The clue tells them, "Travel by taxi to Downtown Portland." Specifically, as Phil says, the Portland Building, which looks like a big white picture frame. Then they need to search the area for a green dinosaur. That dinosaur is actually visible through a second-floor window in the building across the street, the Standard Plaza. And right next to that dinosaur is a clue box. "It's a standard issue," Nick reads from the clue, because I guess this was just too hard otherwise.

Ken and Tina pop their Stalin into place as Nick rushes Starr to one of the cabs waiting in the parking lot, a bright-yellow Prius. They ask the Bluetooth-wearing driver if he knows where the Portland building is, and he does. As they pull out of the lot, they see Ken and Tina jogging into view behind them. "Just breathe," Nick tells an exhausted Starr. Ken and Tina also pile into a yellow Prius with a Bluetoothed driver. Before they're even out of the parking lot, Tina wants the driver to call someone to find the fastest way. Starr is also offering to call information on her cabbie's phone. She'll have to pry it out of his ear first.

The Frat Boys do their zip line and get started on the clue box field. "It's obviously set up in a certain way," Dan says. "It doesn't take a genius to figure that out." They should do well, then. Not that we're going to see any of it.

Starr's on the phone, not getting anywhere with her inquiries about the Portland Building. Ken and Tina are letting their cabbie work his own phone. "Have you found anything?" Ken asks him. "No," he responds, "but the other cab is right here." Indeed, there's another distinctive yellow Prius a few car lengths ahead. "Pass him," Tina orders. He does, much to Starr's chagrin. With that seemingly out of the way, Ken and Tina are already thinking ahead to the green dinosaur, so they're taken unawares when the Siblings' driver makes a bold, Starr-micromanaged lane change and passes them right back. Soon both cabs have crossed the river into the downtown area, one right behind the other. The Siblings go straight, but Ken and Tina hang a right, which causes both teams to worry that they're going the wrong way. Nick and Starr are told they're a block away, just as Ken and Tina hit a traffic jam. And the Siblings get an even better break when Nick spots the sign for the Standard Plaza, and recalls the non sequitur (read: unmissable) word "standard" from the clue. They get out right there, and spot the dinosaur as soon as they step out of the cab. They grab their backpacks and run across the street to the building. If they've spared a glance for the Portland Building, we don's see it.

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