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While Ken and Tina are still in their cab, the Siblings take the escalator up to dinosaur level, Nick telling her to stay out of the window. Don't worry, Nick; you're both wearing camouflage. The clue there is sending them on foot to something called the "Alder Street Cart Pod," where they need to "find the country of your last Pit Stop." What's an Alder Street Cart Pod? Well, down on Alder Street is a bunch of food trailers, each purveying a different cuisine. And there's even one that sells Russian food, staffed by a nice lady in the window who's handing out yellow clue envelopes. I'm sure she could also set you up with a samsa if you needed her to.

Ken and Tina have finally reached the intersection of Southwest Main and Southwest Fifth, and Ken spots the Portland Building. "Then get out," Tina orders. Nick and Starr leave the dinosaur behind. "Don't let them see us coming out of here," Starr says breathlessly. Use the camo! Getting out of the taxi, Tina asks Ken where he sees the Portland Building. He impatiently snaps that it's right behind her. In fact, it's holding two fingers up behind her head. Nick and Starr duck into a coffee shop to ask about the Alder Street Cart Pod. Which I'm sure is what all the locals call it. Fortunately the lady behind the counter knows about a line of carts over on Alder, and points them in that direction. They're off, leaping over landscaping walls as they go and wondering aloud what the Russian flag looks like. Ken and Tina, meanwhile, have adopted the strategy of walking around the Portland Building , which sounds perfectly reasonable aside from the fact that the Siblings didn't have to. Starr is lagging a few paces behind Nick on their jog to Alder. "Just give me a shout if you need me to slow down," he calls back. He won't, but maybe he's like one of those people who just turn the TV on for background noise, only he uses his sister for that purpose. He should certainly be accustomed to it now.

Ken and Tina have found City Hall. Inside, they ask a security guard (who looks like the captain from WALL-E) about the green dinosaur, and he knows about the one inside Standard Plaza. They're on their way. Nick and Starr continue their jog, sharing a bottled water, as Ken and Tina return to the correct side of the Portland Building and spot the dinosaur in the window. After heading up there, they read their clue and are off. Nick and Starr have reached Alder Street, but see no cart pod. Meanwhile, Ken and Tina are asking for directions to the place, seemingly outside the same coffee shop Nick and Starr entered. They're pointed three or four blocks thataway. Nick and Starr are still cart-less, until they find a local who points them in the right direction down Alder. "Hey, slow down," Starr calls as Nick dashes off. Ken and Tina also reach Alder. "Between Ninth and Tenth," points a helpful motorist. Since they're on the 600 block, they've got a few blocks to go.

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