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Nick and Starr have finally reached the cart pod. Starr looks at the first one on the corner, with a red, green, and white tricolor flying outside. "That's Russia," she says. "That's the Italian flag, Starr," Nick corrects. They run along a long line of carts until they reach the Russian one and get their clue. Which is pretty oblique: "Travel on foot to where the magic is in the hole." Dirty!

But Phil tells us that it's just a place called "Voodoo Doughnut," a mom-and-pop donut shop whose slogan is -- you guessed it -- "The magic is in the hole." This is clearly one of those clues designed to embarrass the racers, who can practically smell the money at this point and are likely to do things they wouldn't have done right away back in, say Cambodia. Witness: Starr hollers out, "Does anyone know where the magic is in the hole?" A local woman outside a bratwurst cart suggests they try the phone book. Helpful! Except the phone booth on the corner that we se in the background doesn't have a phone book in it. I'd say they were lucky to even find a phone booth. Undeterred, Starr just keeps yelling out the question. "Voodoo Doughnut," a British-accented passerby finally volunteers. He directs them down Burnside to a movie theater -- rather, a "cinema," "And next to the cinema is a doughnut shop." What he doesn't mention is that it's about ten blocks away. They run off, Starr again asking Nick to slow down. At this point she should save her breath.

Ken and Tina have found the cart pod, and he appears to be attempting to conjure the Russian cart by loudly repeating, "Russian? Russian? Russian?" Eventually it works, as it had to, one way or another.

Nick and Starr are closing in on Burnside. "Thank God that guy likes donuts," Starr pants, again asking Nick to slow up. And once again being ignored.

The Frat Boys are nowhere to be seen. Does anybody really care?

More birds-eye shots of downtown transition us back to Ken and Tina, who are coming up on the same woman outside the bratwurst cart who suggested Nick and Starr use a phone book. Of course, now she knows all about Voodoo Doughnut, and she excitedly tells them, "It's on Second and Burnside, but go this way, they went that way, they went the long way." Did she hate Nick and Starr on sight, or what? You can tell she's already mentally drafting whatever internet post or e-mail she's planning to use to tell the world about her pivotal role in this season of The Amazing Race.

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