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"Slower!" Starr keeps calling to Nick, who claims all he's asking is the fastest she can go. Oh, is that all? Tina runs straight into an intersection despite Ken's warnings, and gets treated to a squeal of tires and a horn blast. "You're just trying to slow me down. Let me go," she snaps. Apparently she could be running a lot faster if only he'd let her shatter her pelvis.

"What was the cinema he was talking about?" Nick asks Starr, an old marquee clearly visible in the background of the shot. Failing to see either it or the donut shop next door, they go right on by as he continues to ignore her pleas to slow down. Both teams seem to be going around the same block, but it's Nick who finds the Voodoo Doughnut sign first. He reads the clue so fast we can barely understand it, but this much is clear: they need to get a taxi and "follow the marked path to the Finish Line. This is it, go, go, go!" They go, go, go. Ken and Tina find the clue box next, after the Siblings are well clear of it. Now both teams just need a taxi to the Pit Stop, but neither of them can seem to find one. The act-out really gets stretched out this time.

After spending the whole commercial break looking for cabs, the Siblings stand and wait for a cab to go by while Ken and Tina are walking along the road with Ken blowing his whistle. He flags down an occupied cab and offers the driver fifty dollars to boot his current passenger. "This is a customer!" comes the outraged howl from within before the cab drives off. The Siblings are still looking. Ken prays for a taxi, as we see a gas station sign in the background showing a price of $3.89 per gallon, which dates these events pretty well, if you remember to account for the fact that everything is full-service in Oregon. Starr spots an oncoming cab half a block away and flags it down, while Ken and Tina have wisely gone to a nearby hotel to ask for help from the doorman. But Ken spots a cab for them, and they run for it. As Nick and Starr pile into their cab, Nick offers their driver seventy bucks if he can get them there fast. Tina and Ken also board their cab. As the Siblings' driver heads through downtown, he asks if Starr's okay, since she's hyperventilating and repeating, "Oh my God, oh my God." Starr says she's fine, they're just in a very big hurry. "It's a life or death kind of thing," she exaggerates. Ken and Tina clasp hands and say a quick prayer. The red lights are driving Starr buggy. Ken tells Tina, "We're sprinting one last time. This'll be the last time I run in my entire life." As the view from both cabs changes from downtown to suburbs to trees, the Siblings are getting more and more excited. "This is crazy!" Starr says. Nick's grinning from ear to ear. "This is it, go go go," he quotes.

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