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In a final interview, Tina says that people change. "So much today, people just throw marriages away so quickly without really working hard on them." She says that Ken has shown her on the race that she and the marriage are important to him. Ken joins her to say this hasn't been easy, but they're going to make it work. "It could be amazing, and we're going to make it amazing." They're ready to move on. But what will they do for airtime now?

And now, here come the Frat Boys, who were probably instructed to take a cab directly from the clue-field where we last saw them. In fact, they probably uncovered that sixth or seventh window and it said, "Oh, fuck it, who are we kidding?" They jubilantly leap up onto the mat in third place, high-fiving the lead teams. Phil congratulates them on being team number three, and they hug. "Did you ever think you would be one of the final three teams running to this mat?" Phil smirks at them. Dan readily admits no. "It's appropriate that we ended the race how we started -- with an incredible amount of mistakes." None of which we actually got to see, but everyone laughs. They add that at least they never got eliminated, and Dan calls the other two teams "Far superior teams." Off Ty's laugh, he shrugs, "They are!" Big round of applause for the Frat Boys, like this just became the Special Olympics. In their final interview, Andrew says they never expected to make the final three. "And before you knew it, we were here, and we'd finished the course." Dan adds, "I think any frat guy watching would be proud of our performance. Not many people could say that they did this, especially beer-guzzling idiots like us." I have to give them that. For most people, winning the Amazing Race is an impressive achievement. For these guys, even finishing is mind-blowing.


Everyone convenes on the mat for the big reunion, sans Toni and Dallas, of course. Starr talks about her great relationship with Nick some more, and then there's the final group pose on the big mat (minus Toni and Dallas), and we're out. See you in February.M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, follow him on Twitter (mgiant), or just e-mail him at M.Giant[at]

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