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Nick and Starr are now arriving, and seem to be approaching the entrance sign from the opposite direction that Ken and Tina did. They also go with High & Dry. Things are going much worse for the Frat Boys: "Newberg's that way," one of them remarks as they pass a sign pointing them five miles in the direction they're coming from. Since their destination is actually several miles past Newberg to the northwest, which is in turn 25 miles southwest of Portland, this might not be the catastrophe it would initially seem to be. Except that they're going north on 219 towards Scholls, which is nowhere near where they need to be. "Shouldn't have gotten in this cab in the first place," Dan whines. At least then they wouldn't be traveling away from the Detour so quickly.

Ken and Tina have arrived at the High & Dry option, where helmets and harnesses are laid out on a log. The camera pans over them with an ominous sound effect, as though their dentist's tools or some other form of torture implement. A dude with a goatee and a turtleneck is explaining the task to them, but as usual, Ken doesn't quite get it: "How do you reach the trapeze from that point?" "Jump," the guy tells him. As they're getting geared up, Tina reminds Ken, and the world, that she's scared of heights. Nick and Starr run into the clearing just as Ken is beginning his ascent of the tree. Nick volunteers to go first for his team. Since their hosts seem to have at least two different trees all rigged up, there doesn't seem to be a danger of a traffic jam. That is, unless something totally unlikely happens or the Frat Boys show up soon. But I repeat myself.

Andrew politely asks to borrow his cabdriver's cell phone. As they pass a sign that indicates they're now 13 miles from Newberg, Andrew dials the number for the logging camp. I like how they're not panicking even though they have to know they're in last place. But of course, last place is their comfort zone.

Ken has reached the height of his log bridge, and he steps out onto it. Nick is already scrambling up his tree. Ken walks to the end of his log, pauses, and then dives out into space to grab the trapeze hanging a few feet out. "Oh, my God, this is crazy," Tina says to her helmet-cam as her husband dangles three stories above her. Starr calls encouragement up to Nick while Ken grabs his clue and lets go, so he can be lowered back to the ground. Tina tells him good job, and he thanks her and says she'll do great. "I don't know," she says. Come on, Tina, in Auckland you practically climbed into orbit. I think you can do this.

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