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Andrew gets directions, which consist of "Take a right on Bell Road." In case you couldn't tell, I've been following their progress (or, more accurately, "progress" on Google Maps, and their random ability to all but teleport from one location to another is reminiscent of Jack Bauer.

Tina has begun her climb up one of the trees, while Nick is already out on the log bridge to nowhere that's attached to his. As the end, he jumps out and grabs the clue, not even bothering to take hold of the trapeze as he flies beneath it. Tina is struggling; she had the brainwave of having the guides to put her helmet on over her baseball cap, and the helmet keeps slipping off the back of her head. I don't know what kind of bad hair day she thinks she needs to hide so desperately, but since we've already seen her hair full of green dye and matted by having to wear a cow-head over it, it can't be worth the trouble she's causing herself over it. She uses both hands to try to straighten it -- allowing the harness to support her weight while she's on the tree-ladder, which doesn't seem sporting -- while Ken calls up at her not to bother. Apparently he played without a helmet in the NFL for years and it doesn't seem to have hurt him. Nick alights on the ground, and Starr heads up, quickly catching up to Tina on the next tree over.

Andrew has taken over navigating from the taxi driver, which is unfortunate as they just passed Bell Road. "Just make a u-turn, sir," Andrew says. "Wherever you can." They seem to be trying to get off of 99W, or the Southwest Pacific Highway, which tells me that they're currently twice as far from Tilikum as they were before. Maybe they're just hoping to stumble onto the mat at this point.

Tina continues to struggle with her helmet on her way up the tree, while Starr has already reached the top. The Frat Boys come around again to Bell Road, this time taking a left. Tina's helmet continues to slow her down, much to Ken's frustration. As it falls, the chin strap pulls tight across her throat. "It's choking me, is why I'm putting it back on," she calls down to Ken. "It's costing you time," Ken complains. She basically says so be it. Some things are not worth getting strangled over. Starr pants nervously as she carefully makes her way along her log bridge, while Tina is a few rungs from the top, and not even wanting to hear encouragement from Ken at this point. When she finally gets to the horizontal log, she wonders if she should just drop the helmet that's giving her so much trouble, but now she's keeping her balance with one hand and can't undo the chinstrap with the other. So she's stuck with it. "Don't look up and don't look down," Nick tells Starr, in a callback from the first leg. She's reached the end of the log.

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