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The Frat Boys are still in their cab, as Andrew says, "If we win today, It'd be the biggest win in the history of The Amazing Race." I agree with that statement, if you replace "win" with "travesty." They're approaching exit 294 off of I-5 to Newberg. Which tells me this is actually from earlier in their trip, before they got off the freeway. Or else they just went all the way back to the airport and started over. "Newberg," Andrew drones hopefully.

Starr makes the leap for the trapeze, and grabs onto the bar with both hands. She works her way over to the other end and snags the clue. As she's lowered to the ground, she gasps, "That's frickin' scary." Tina is trying to start the long walk across her log, as Ken tells her to keep her eyes on the end of it and don't look down. "Oh my goodness," she says, "I'm shakin'." While she's still up there, Nick and Starr get out of their gear and rip open their next clue: "Travel by taxi to the Bridge of the Gods." You can take a taxi there? Don't you need a flaming chariot or something?

Phil's narration guides us to a commanding view of an impressive steel truss bridge over the Columbia River, which is pretty wide up here and serves as the border between Oregon and Washington. I didn't realize it upon first viewing, but I've driven by that bridge, about six years ago when Trash and I were in Portland and we took a day-trip to Mount Hood. The teams will have to go out to the middle of that bridge and ride a long zip-line all the way to an island that's two thousand feet upstream. Yow. As Nick and Starr head out of the Detour area at a run, Tina starts down the log, depending heavily on the guide rope overhead. When she reaches the end, she perches her helmet back on top of her hat and...dithers. Right into a commercial.

Finally, with Nick and Starr running downhill back to their cab full tilt, Tina gets her shit together and leaps for the trapeze. She grabs it on the first try, and brings her half-clue safely to the ground. As they run down the trail, Tina scolds, "You can't be yelling at me all the time." "I wasn't," Ken protests. He was. By now, Nick and Starr are getting in their cab, asking their driver if he knows about the Bridge of the Gods. Fortunately, he seems to. In their rear window as they pull out, Ken and Tina are visible running to their own cab. Nick tells Starr she kicked ass. Ken basically tells their driver to follow that cab. "Looks like a two-man race right now," he says. Yes, and two women.

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