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Phil looks to be facing a stiff headwind as he appears, telling us that the teams will now have to "use the power of memory to answer one question from each of the first ten legs of the race." The power of memory? Have we seen that on Heroes yet? In a nearby field are three giant game boards standing vertically. On each of them, little squares are arranged in a pyramid, numbering from 1 on the bottom left to 10 at the apex. Behind each of these game pieces is a little digital window representing some aspect of the race. Each team will have to go from one to ten and remember the part of each leg represented by the icon behind it, whether it's "Route Info" (the globe), Road Block (the Do Not Enter symbol) Detour (the two-sided black arrow), or Finish Line (the Mercator map that looks like it's zooming towards you). Then they have to run into a field populated by 150 clue boxes. I have to tell you, clue boxes normally look pretty friendly, but in these kind of numbers they're more than a little threatening. They look like they're planning an invasion or something. But in each of the clue boxes is a photo representing a different stage of the race, and the teams have to search them to find the right one for each slot on their game board. When they get one right, a little light will come on right above the slot. After they get all ten, they get their next clue. Piece of cake. A very, very complicated cake, with lots of layers and shit.

Tina reads the instructions aloud to the typically clueless Ken. Since slot one shows "Route Info," they're going to need to find a photo having to do with those damnable snack carts. We even get a little black-and-white flashback of Ken and Tina as they tried to deal with theirs. While wading into the ranks of clue boxes stretching to the horizon (or at least to the trees on the far end of the field), they remark that they have to stay together, and open one box at a time. The first several they open aren't right, and they dash to the next few, opening, looking inside, and slamming them shut. Until they find the one that shows the giant cargo net in Salvador, Brazil. Which is wrong, but they bring it back to the board anyway. A buzzer sounds, and they head back into the field, trying to remember Leg One. "Looking for the funicular or the sandwich shop," Tina says. Getting warmer.

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