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Elsewhere, the Paolos finally find the exit for the school and get the Roadblock clue. DJ takes it. Michelle is on her 46th lap. Wally, however, is dragging a little, which you can take as your 48-point headline. The rest of the teams note the arrival of the Paolos. DJ suits up and drives off. When Wally comes in for his mid-race pit stop, one of the Tonyas tells him to look out for Tommy, who's lapping everybody. Michelle, meanwhile, gets done with the task and the Godlewskis get their next clue. It tells them to drive to the pit stop, 32 miles away at Fort McDowell. Last family to check in "may" be eliminated. But I doubt it. On the way out, they try to get directions. There is bickering in the pinks' back seat. I don't think these girls are bad navigators so much as they all talk at the same time and distract each other. If I had to drive with that going on in the back seat, I would be much more testy than Sharon, in that one of the people in the back seat would be dead by now.

Tommy -- referred to by his siblings as well as the Tonyas as "Bone," which I don't even really want to think about, because none of the possible explanations pleases me -- is setting the course on fire. As he and Mama Weaver take a turn, there is carefully edited dramatic suspense created over the possibility that they're going to have a wreck. Which know. A little tacky, cheap-suspense-wise. Moreover, when there was just the one trip to a speedway, I figured the Weavers were unlucky. I have to admit, race-around-a-track task and one trip to a giant NASCAR facility where they didn't even race around a track but seemed to be there just to be there? That makes me very suspicious that this is being done on purpose, which is really distasteful and forces me to at least feign sympathy for this team, which I really do not want to do.

Anyway, when we return from commercials, the situation is quickly resolved, as it amounts to little more than Tommy and Mama Weaver having to...stop, so that they don't get tangled up. Whew! What a relief! That was so dangerous! Mama Weaver comes in for her halfway-point drink of water, and she announces that she may throw up. I know just how she feels. Tommy follows her in taking his break. He's clearly the one enjoying this task the most, which isn't surprising.

The pinks pull in somewhere in the wilds of Arizona and ask for pit stop directions. They find that they've taken a wrong turn. Meanwhile, back at the track, Wally finishes the task, and the Bransens get the pit stop clue. Mama Weaver finishes the race, so her team leaves in third place. Tommy finishes as well, so they leave in fourth. DJ Paolo is dragging in last place, and he's got ten laps to go.

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