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The Bransens arrive at Antelope Point. The Paolos arrive as well. Boating, boating, boating. There are efforts to build suspense by suggesting that the Paolos might be right behind the Bransens, but in fact, there's no indication that they ever see each other here, let alone are close. Soon, the Bransens clamber up onto the mat. They are welcomed as team number four.

Calling each other idiots the entire time, the Paolos finally pull up to the houseboat. They climb up to the mat. Welcome, you are team number five, and you are eliminated. Oddly, I'm not as overjoyed about this as I'd have expected. Tony does a great job of being immediately buoyant and telling Phil what a great time they had and how much he enjoyed it. Phil mentions all the yelling and screaming, and he asks whether this is typical for them. Their basic answer: "Pretty much." Mama interviews that even though they fight, they're actually very tightly bonded and so forth. Phil asks DJ whether he's proud of his parents, and he says that his parents impressed him a lot. He takes it relatively well, and he interviews that the race made him see his mother differently. Tony gives a teary speech about how great it was to be on the race with his family. It's probably a nicer sendoff than they deserve, but I'm glad they're happy. I don't really understand them, but as individuals, they mostly seem like redeemable people.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next time: Christine falls. Nick gets wet. But that's in two weeks. In one week: Me, taking a much-needed rest. See y'all when I get back.

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