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The next team to get to the clue box -- now in third place instead of last -- is Charla and Mirna. Ick. They decide to do the nails because "it's closer." As if they would be capable of moving ten bags of coal, if only it were closer. They couldn't move a five-pound bag of charcoal briquettes off the shelf at Target without a store manager. They manage to convince the same guy who led them to the building to lead them to the market as well. They arrive at the market as Bill and Joe are still getting directions to the market where the coal is. Or, more precisely, they're arranging to follow a guy.

So Mirna and Charla stop a guy and offer to paint his nails. Really? You're starting with a guy? I'm not sure what information they got, but Phil said painting nails was typically done by men, not on men. You'd think if men typically had painted nails, you could notice by... seeing that a lot of men had their nails painted. In fact, I think they start with the same guy they've been dragging around all day, come to think of it. That poor guy. They really ruined his day, and they painted his nails. It's like he's being hazed. Other people look on, and then there's a hokey cash-register sound, so apparently he did pay them to paint his nails. Which... whatever. Mirna starts shouting and singing (as in: "la la la") that everybody should come get manicures. I would point out that painting fingernails is not giving a manicure, you liar. "Is beautiful new style for the man!" she hollers. She needs to shut up so hard, I'm tempted to stuff her own hair bun in her mouth.

Bill and Joe locate the coal. As they get started, some kids gather around, and Joe says that it's okay for them to hold the bags open, but not to put the coal inside. Not sure if that's specified, or if that's Joe's reading of the task. Bill comments that the coal is pretty hard on the hands, not because of the dirt, but because... it hurts. Yeah, I'm thinking Bill is probably not a guy with well-developed calluses.

Mirna offers manicures in a thick, thick accent. They find another victim.

Bill and Joe continue to fill, and they get the first bag done.

Danny and Oswald drive toward the coal, and they run into a demonstration. Oswald notes that this is World AIDS Day. As we know from last time around, Danny had a partner who died of AIDS, and he reminds us of this fact. He says it's "really emotional." No kidding. Danny basically says that he misses Nelson all the time, and Nelson is always with him. Aw. Shut up, I'm allowed to be a sucker. If you want something to lighten the moment, consider the awkwardness of the fact that Danny's dear love had the same name as the rat, which I'm sure no one was happy about when editing the episode.

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