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The Big Mozambique

Uchenna and Joyce arrive at the Detour clue and choose the coal. Oswald and Danny are just finding their way to the coal, and are noticing that they're working alongside the Guidos. They agree that this is hard on the hands, and that perhaps painting nails would have been better. Yeah, based on some of their previous comments about how they like to live, I doubt these guys ever imagined all ending up shoveling coal together. Elsewhere, Charla and Mirna are looking for another manicure victim. They get money, but of course, they have no idea how much they have, because that would require them to know stuff. And it won't hurt them, because they've picked the Detour that's inherently faster.

Dustin and Kandice choose the nails. Perhaps it occurs to them that it's better than literally shoveling coal, you know? Eric and Pink, for their part, are lost on the way to the Detour clue. Teri and Ian are, too, but separately. From Eric and Pink, not from each other. Though there have been times when I think Teri and Ian probably would have been better off lost separately from each other, too.

Charla and Mirna, now standing around yelling "Hollywood Nails!" to anyone who will listen, get another man to let them paint his nails. Maybe I'm not understanding, but I don't think this is how people in Hollywood have their nails done, unless possibly they are prostitutes. So it's pretty much just Julia Roberts and Laura San Giacomo. It feels like Mirna and Charla are just making it very circus-y, like people have to say yes or Mirna won't stop yelling. The guy almost leaves without paying, but Charla tracks him down and gets money. She thanks him in Italian, because that's the kind of an operation Hollywood Nails is. When it comes to deciding what language to address you in, they won't discriminate based on what language you actually speak. They return to their Fern, who is still waiting around for them, and they ask him to count their money, since they have no idea how much they have. He tells them that they already have as much as they need. They run back to the stall where they got the nail polish and collect their clue. It tells them to travel by car to the next pit stop at Fortaleza. Phil says it's "the oldest building in Maputo," and the last team here just might be eliminated. Screaming and hollering and dragging their Fern, Mirna and Charla run toward the car. They follow Fern, giggling in the car about how hard it is to believe that the men let them do "manicures." It's a lot less hard to believe when you consider that it was probably the only way to get them to go away. Charla speculates that these were the "metrosexuals" of Mozambique. "I'm glad they have metrosexuals everywhere in the world," Mirna says, doing her usual great job of spreading understanding. I really don't think that metrosexuals go around having their nails painted pink anyway. You're then sort of beyond metrosexual, even assuming we're still using that term.

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