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The Big Mozambique

Finally, Eric and Pink make their way to the market where the coal is to be found. They get started. Ian and Teri, however, mean to be at that market and are not at that market at all, as they quickly realize.

The BQs run to the mat. Welcome, you are team number two. They are very happy, and Phil compliments them on being "pretty in pink in Mozambique."

Elsewhere, Danny and Oswald have caught up to Guido, so both teams are sewing up their bags. In fact, Oswald and Danny have made their way slightly ahead and are ready to hoist one of the bags and deliver it. They get going, and Joe asks one of the hovering locals if he knows where their target address is. He says that he does. Uchenna and Joyce keep working, but observe the direction that the other teams went. Eric does his usual thing where he instructs Pink that they have to catch up. She does her usual thing where she says "okay." Bill puts the bag of coal on his head as he and Joe look for the address. I always think it's fascinating when teams figure out that people haven't been carrying things on their heads for thousands of years for no conceivable reason.

Teri and Ian are looking for the coal Detour, but they realize that they're at the market where the nail Detour is. Despite Ian's great skepticism, it's simply too tempting to do the one that's right where you already are, so they agree that they'll do this one. They do not, at first, appear to be having a lot of luck. I do think that these street tasks are very much things that favor the young and conventionally beautiful, into which category the BQs fall, and into which category some people (whom I do not trust) also believe Mirna to fall. I do think Ian isn't off the mark that he's not the best person to be asking strangers to let him paint their nails. He seems to be taking the lead, too. I'd normally think Teri should, but I don't know if they were told the thing about men painting nails. I suspect not, given the Guido and Danny/Oswald reactions. As he fails with the first couple of people he asks, Ian immediately becomes pessimistic, thinking they should have done the coal instead.

Danny and Oswald are looking for the address. And it's not going too well. A guy they encounter on the street tells them that the address they want is "not easy." Things are not going great for Ian and Teri, either, although she really wants to give it a real try for a few more minutes. They run into two young women, and one of them is willing to have her nails done. They ask her for the entire 30, but she'll only pay 20. So they rope in her friend, too, for the last 10. I think if you did well, you could finish that Detour before you could fill one of your ten bags of coal, and I am not kidding. We return to Danny and Oswald, who are still lost. They see Guido, led by the local Joe was talking to, so they decide to follow. Teri and Ian finish the first customer, who actually seems to be ready for them to stop painting anytime, once she's seen their work. They move to the friend, and Ian admits it's "sloppy." Finished with the Detour, they turn in their money and leave. Elsewhere, Oswald and Danny and Bill and Joe turn in their coal and get their clues. They're at different doors, but they seemed to be looking for similar addresses, unless I'm crazy. I don't know. At any rate, they both get the clue for the pit stop.

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