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Sad, tinkly music accompanies Uchenna and Joyce as they arrive at the pit stop and run to the mat. They are the last team to arrive. The interminable pause occurs. And then Phil says, "I'm... [pause pause]... pleased to tell you, however... " And at this, they go into a little happy dance. "I love it when you say that!" Joyce burbles happily. Phil explains that it's non-elimination, of course, and they're still in the race, but we're still using "marked for elimination" like last time, so if they don't come in first, they'll sweat out a 30-minute penalty at the finish line. In all likelihood, this means that the next leg will feature a Fast Forward, which they will have every reason to go for, which no other team will have enough of an incentive to try to take from them, which will suck all of the drama out of the entire thing. But look on the bright side -- maybe Eric will talk more about queens. That was so awesome. Uchenna and Joyce say they will "make miracles happen." I love when it's about miracles.

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Uchenna can't hit the Roadblock. Eric and Pink are removed from a plane. She wants to quit. There's a surprise.

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