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12:06 AM. Eric and Pink. As they leave the mat, we watch as Pink interviews that Eric has a very high opinion of his own abilities in... basically all things. She says Eric is "cocky," but right now, she doesn't care, because they're in second place. She comes off in that interview like... it's not like she's stupid, exactly, it's just... I get the sense that you could talk to her for a year, and she would never say anything interesting. And if that's not the case, she should stop acting in ways that make it seem to be the case. In the taxi, Eric says he thinks he'll be doing the majority of the snow-digging. I concur that this will not be one of her strong suits. I'm not sure she would even know you can touch snow with anything except skis.

1:04 AM. Teri and Ian. Note the hour-long lag between them and the team ahead of them, which is pretty significant. Ian interviews that this race has more of a "head game" to it than their last race. Well, he does have the hat for it. Seriously, he's gone back to wearing the Asshat pretty much nonstop, which is not a good development. I suppose that, as noted in the past, he will at least avoid sunburn. I'll feel pretty stupid when I'm old and leathery, I guess. Non-raisins get the last laugh.

1:55 AM. Bill and Joe. We learn that the teams have $72 for the leg, and in their interview, Joe says that they're aiming to be "a kinder, gentler Guido." Heh. Bill says they hope the other teams hope they're too old to be threatening, and Joe smiles and supposes that they might "limp to the front of the pack." They are sneaky, and not to be underestimated, I will say that. You underestimate Team Guido at your peril, if only because they carry with them the Pocket Universe. Don't think they don't have something in there to cut you with, even though it might be folded up right now.

1:58 AM. Dustin and Kandice. Dustin interviews that they've played conservatively, so as not to be perceived as "the sneaky blondes." But, as Kandice explains, they have to kind of step it up and not worry about people thinking they're sneaky. I'm not sure that's as big a problem as they think it is, since there don't seem to be teams like the *lyns and A(AM!)s selling the idea that their pageant talent was moustache-twirling, but I certainly agree that now is no time for laying back. This isn't really the best game to try "flying under the radar" as a strategy anyway, because on the radar is where the frontrunners are.

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