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The Big Mozambique

Everybody has their beacons, and they're searching, searching, searching for the other ones. The thing is, the beacon-hunting looks like it's a bit of a clusterfuck, because all the teams are on top of each other, and they're all picking up different beacon signals at different times, and there seems to be quite a bit of luck involved in getting the signal to pick up and stay picked up long enough for you to find the thing. Uchenna and Joyce ace out Eric and Pink for a beacon, which is good to see. In that pair, even I am willing to call Uchenna and Joyce the "good people." They get their clue, and as they run, Joyce wants to know if Mozambique is in Africa. Uchenna tells her it is, which leads her to pronounce it "the motherland." I have kind of mixed feelings there, because I would certainly never stop anyone from embracing whatever heritage they feel is appropriate, but if you love the continent of Africa so much that you consider the entire thing "the motherland," it would be great if you knew what countries are in it without asking anyone. Like, to me, "the motherland" is something you feel a profound connection to, and I don't know that I'd feel a profound connection to a country if I didn't know what continent it was on. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, and I don't question her sincerity, but I have... these observations. Uchenna, on the other hand, says his father is from Nigeria, so at least he has the right information, since he was also the one who knew that Mozambique was in Africa.

As Bill and Joe get off the chairlift, they discuss how they need to go and look for tickets. Meanwhile, Dustin and Kandice get their bag and go up to the glacier. Teri and Ian are confused. Danny and Oswald seem to be right on top of one, but they keep losing the signal. I would have dug there, I think, but I'm not sure they do. Danny wants to run the beacon for a while, and Oswald doesn't want him to, and for a minute, it looks like they're going to fight, which would make me cry. Oswald interviews in what is clearly their pre-race chat that "one of us will take turns getting cranky." It doesn't so much appear to be turn-taking, right now, so much as a simultaneous thing. "I'm starting to lose my patience, okay?" Danny says. No fighting! No! I'll hide in my room!

Eric and Danielle find the clue, just as the BQs arrive, meeting Uchenna and Joyce on the way out. Uchenna encourages the BQs not to worry, which at this point is easy for him to say, of course. Teri and Ian find their beacon. Danny and Oswald can't find their signal. The BQs appear to be beacon savants moving very quickly in the direction of something promising, but they don't find anything before Charla and Mirna get theirs and literally skip away. The best thing I can say about them right now is that it's always a pleasure when they leave the screen.

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