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The Big Mozambique

Now, Eric and Pink show up at Rumbo Sur, and Eric laughs at all the other teams there, which of course provokes Mirna something fierce. She doesn't really do anything about it, but you can just see her bristles... bristling.

"Confirmed," says the travel agency guy to Danny and Oswald and Teri and Ian of their flight, and they all raise their arms over their heads in triumph, because it arrives at 9:40 in the morning, rather than at three in the afternoon. Then, the Rumbo Sur teams are confirmed for 9:40. And guess who else? Bill and Joe, who apparently did leave their travel agency and come back. They will arrive at 9:40 AM as well. At the airport, all the teams run into each other, and they realize that this entire sequence was largely inconsequential, because they all got on the same flight with very little difficulty. I watched and watched, and I never found out anything that mattered. I feel like... well, I sense that this is what it's like to watch Lost.

Bill and Joe decide to "relax," which always means they're going to do something faboo and nonsensical. They wind up in what would appear to be the duty-free shop, sampling the colognes. They slather -- and I do mean slather -- cologne onto themselves, and it would be my prediction that they stink quite badly. They actually comment that it's just like a shower, but the thing is... it's really not. It's merely piling cologne on top of your personal stank. Bill comments that he smells "like a French whore," and... seriously. A French whore on an Outward Bound canoe trip. I sort of can't believe they do this right before getting on a crowded flight, but they do. In fact, everyone will be enjoying their pungent stench, because everybody gets on the flight. As Phil explains with the help of the Amazing World Map, they're all headed from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires, then Sao Paolo, then Johannesburg, before they get to Maputo. Phil says that upon landing, they'll pick a marked car and a driver, and they'll go more than 45 miles to the Apopo Training Field. And that would be training for what? Well, that, we do not know. Yet.

Maputo! The plane lands. I suspect that was quite a bit of flying to make it 7000 miles with three stops. Teams run to cars, and Uchenna and Joyce get away in first place. When they arrive at the gates of the training field, however -- which takes about three seconds in screen time, despite being about an hour-long trip -- they learn that the place isn't open. Behind them are Bill and Joe, who are speeding along the highway when they notice that Eric and Danielle are behind them. Eric says, in his car, "Let's play with them." He tells the driver to pass. In interviews, Eric and Pink explain that they love to make fun of Bill and Joe, not for anything in particular, but just kind of because. Gee, I wonder what it is about Guido that they find impossible not to make fun of. I wonder if any light might be shed on that by the end of the episode. Stay tuned! Bill and Joe tell their driver to speed up to avoid being passed, and Eric decides he finds this hilarious. Not sure what exactly is hilarious about it, but... Eric knows, I guess. He's the one with the "COLEGE" shirt. Somebody needs to tell him that shirt is only funny if you're not really a moron.

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