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The Big Mozambique

When the teams stop at the gates, Joe's all, "You need to watch your speed, guy." It's not a good start, because it's real, real, real square, if nothing else. Eric explains that it was all just a joke, and that he and Pink weren't going to pass, they were just getting the reaction. "You need to watch your jokes, guy," Joe amends. I don't really understand why this sequence is so tense, really. I'm not sure whether there's any hostility here other than what we've seen, but it seems weirdly angry between these teams, and it seems like it's more than momentarily standing in front of somebody's car. Danny and Oswald pull up next. Teri and Ian, Dustin and Kandice. Bill comes over and actually tries to make peace with Eric and Pink, saying that all is now fine, but Eric decides to throw out the word "freaks," which appears to bother Bill. As you might think it might. Eric talks some more, and Bill decides it's not worth it and steers Joe away. "Peace, peace, peace," Bill says calmly. "Freaks, freaks, freaks," Eric says, determined to rub it in until something happens. Pink interviews that Bill and Joe are "totally nuts." Which... sure, maybe, but based on that? I think not.

When the gates finally open, the teams drive in. Bill says in the car that he's not interested in getting in fights with anyone. (See also: "kinder, gentler.") Interestingly, he specifically mentions that he's very wary of situations where he's being set up to look like the bad guy, and he says he's not biting on the bait. Take that, first season! When the cars stop, teams run toward the clue box. It's a Roadblock, and the question is, "Who smells a rat?" We cut to Phil, and as they gradually pull the camera back, we see that there is a gigantic rat -- and I do mean a gigantic rat -- sitting on his arm, on a leash. Okay, that's worse than any of his sweaters. He says getting "up close and personal" with a rat will be the essence of the Roadblock. It turns out that Mozambique has quite a history of civil unrest, and it has rats that have been trained to sniff out land mines. I wonder what kind of training that requires, and how many rats... well, never mind. I'll only upset the rats. ["Yeah, enjoy your rat email, lady." -- Joe R] In this Roadblock, one team member guides a rat on a rope until it sort of "alerts" by digging at the ground, at which point the team member instructs a technician to dig. They will theoretically find a clue buried in the ground. On top of a deactivated mine. Yipes. That's a lot of flashy talk and faux danger for a Roadblock that sort of doesn't make it sound like it's going to require the actual Roadblock-doing person to do anything.

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