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Solving for Pie

Steve and Linda continue to get along. "Thank you for being so kind," she says. "Its not over," he reminds her. She laughs and asks if that means he's still thinking about being mad at her when it is. "Could be," he chuckles. Wise of him not to commit to anything.

Amanda and Kris are lost, so they ask a pedestrian for directions while he's on his way to rehearsal with his Nickelback cover band. He points them two kilometers thataway. But Mel and Mike have already arrived. And then they go around the side somehow, and find themselves at a gate that opens into the very courtyard where Phil and the greeter are standing. If Mel and Mike could get the gate to open, that is. Neither Phil nor the greeter acknowledges Mel|Mike's existence as Mike literally climbs the wrought-iron gate to try forcing the lock, because he doesn't want to go around the right way. But Phil does tip us an eyebrow of Can you believe this?

Kris and Amanda are now arriving at the correct entrance, as Mel and Mike get someone to open the gate for them. Apparently it had some kind of tricky Austrian latch on it. They run into the courtyard and onto the mat, where they're told that they're team number two. Which, after the morning they had on the mountain, kind of blows them away, if you'll pardon the expression. They've cleared off from the mat by the time Amanda and Kris arrive, in third place.

Team Go Team finishes the Segway course and gets their Pit Stop clue. Margie and Luke arrive at the Pit Stop, and Phil signs -- and speaks, this time -- that they're team number four. Luke can't believe it; he thought all that pie-smashing put them a lot further behind. As for Brad and Victoria, they arrive on the mat in fifth. Too bad they don't have clean pants to show off this time.

"A stunt Segway," Mark jokes lamely after going over a little seesaw on the course. He and Michael finish quickly, and are on their way. Jen and Kisha are right behind them, the latter letting loose with another maddening giggle as they are sent to the get their clue. Pit Stop clues for both of them. The sun's getting low in the sky as the Flight Attendants begin throwing pies.

It's dark at Schloss Hellbrunn, and we get a subtitle saying "14 Hours Since Race Start." Which makes it about 5:00 p.m. We never used to get helpful time cues like this during the leg; we had to rely on the rotation of the earth. But now we know that "about 5:00 p.m." is when Jaime and Cara arrive in sixth place.

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