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Solving for Pie

Steve and Linda show up at the Detour clue box, just before Jodi gently tosses a pie underhand at Christie's face and it comes up cherry. They're off to "get a piece of wood," as the clue says. Steve and Linda read the Detour clue by the light of their headlamps, and go with the pies.

This town is apparently dead after dark, but the Flight Attendants have found someone to tell them that "Holzsager" means "to cut the wood." They run into Steve and Linda on their way to the party tent, which tells both teams that it's not over yet. By the time Steve and Linda get in there, there aren't a whole lot of pies left, but they're ready to get started anyway. Linda offers to be the dedicated target, but Steve says they'll take turns hitting each other. I hope that's not indicative of their relationship in general.

The Flight Attendants have apparently wandered into someone's corral, complete with a horse. "Hi, horse," one of them says. A pair of international equine goodwill ambassadors, these two. They find a random log lying on the ground. And now that they have a piece of wood, they wonder who'll stamp it for them. Oh, dear.

While Steve and Linda do the pie task, we see their post-leg interview in which they laugh about how much it relieved the tension. The producers hear that and say to each other, "Well, we certainly never want to do that again."

"As usual, we're walking in circles," Jodi says. "They're gonna be done." And sure enough, Steve and Linda soon are. But at least now Jodi and Christie think they're on the right track. Yes, they have spotted the "Finish" sign that marks the end of the Segway course. They decide to try walking through it while holding their log. When nothing happens, they have no idea what to do next. What were they expecting, to have Phil parachute to the ground in front of them? From what I hear, people who spend their lives waiting for that to happen are frequently disappointed.

They're still lost after the ads, and as Steve and Linda run along (while he commends her for finding the winning pie), they spot the Flight Attendants and realize they're still in the race.

The Stuntmen and the sisters are having a frustrating time navigating to the Pit Stop. Kisha orders Jen to pull over at a gas station, and while Kisha runs in for directions, Jen complains to us, "She's fucking pissing me off." She goes on about Kisha wanting to be the big sister. "I'm sure she feels that I need to listen to everything she says, because everything she says is right. I'm not an idiot." Dude, is Keisha really that obnoxious, or does Jen just need a nap?

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